Coolest 29" unicycle to date !


Attached is a couple photos of a new 29" unicycle available from Bedford Unicycles.

It has a bunch of things to look for when you are viewing the pictures.

Check out the Velo seat colour combo
Check out the CARBON FIBER rim. It has a glue on tire.

This unicycle will come with a hand built Cr-Mo racing frame and other items not yet pictured.

The new frame will be ready before the NAUCC.
It will also have a Carbon Fiber rail seat post for the convention. It will be available to test ride for anyone wanting to try it. The cranks will be alloy by then as well.

The frame is being made by Malcolm at Biseagal.
He is as excited as I am with this project.
The Bedford custom MUni frames will be next !

There are also a few pictures of some Bedford BC wheels as well and some other unicycles.
The Red BC wheel is Dan Heaton’s and I’m sure you will see it again in Universe II.

Check out the pictures now !


That is an awesome looking 29er!

Me and Phil were just talking (as we went round a cycle rally trade stand, looking at carbon fibre rims) if it would be poss to use one on a uni.

That BC looks cool too! :smiley:


That looks beautiful. I still can’t get over those BC wheels…I’ll have to get one some day. The 29" looks like it’s sticking up it’s nose at it’s competition. :slight_smile:


It looks like a nice 700c unicycle. For racing on tracks at least, wouldn’t want to ride anything that narrow on proper roads, you’d be slower than someone with a fatter tyre on all but the best surfaces.

But it isn’t a 29" unicycle, I bet you anything that you can’t put any tyre sold as 29 inch on that rim, at least without massive tyre wobble. Those rims are recommended for 23mm clincher tyre / 21mm tubular, so a 53mm 29" tyre is unlikely to perform well.

If its the tubular version, then you’re also stuck with a very small selection of tyres and nothing big enough for road touring or road riding anywhere other than well surfaced roads in cities.

All in all, if people get seriously into racing 700c unicycles on tracks, this looks lovely and really shiny, but for anything else it’d be better off with a mavic touring rim and even racing the pimpy rim isn’t likely to help that much at unicycle speeds.


As the Coker looks down at it and laughs

Usability aside, I think it’s really cool how you used a 48-hole Suzue for a 24-hole rim. Nice!

Re: Coolest 29" unicycle to date !


cool uni,but isnt that a 24" 0r 650b rim.?

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C’mon Greg, get with the times. Sure yours shifts…but is it carbon fibre?

(You still coming up North?)

That 700c machine is pure track. It’s the kind of thing we should be racing on. Riding 24" wheels for racing? Not any more!

If I could get more people interested, we could get a 700c category started, that would eventually replace 24" at the expert level. I imagine we would retain racing on more common sized wheels for people to still participate if they don’t have specialized equipment, so 24-inchers need not worry. Unless you want to be faster.

Cool John, I’d love to have some fun races on 29’ers. Mine’s not the carbon fibre version but as I tear along solo on my commutes home from school, I just know that I’m nearing the speed of light!:wink:


Re: Coolest 29" unicycle to date !

>The Bedford custom MUni frames will be next !

Nice! Those will definitely be awesome as well.


Carbon Fibre? Hmmmm
29"? Hmmmm

29" Carbon fibre with clipon pedals… :slight_smile:

This is what Yoggi raced in the Red Bull… another newcomer and really really fast!

Will get photos on the site tomorrow if I get the chance.

(by the way Yoggi is our new work placement student from France).

Hey, how about giving us a 42 or a 48 with a glue on pneumatic tire? This is not a joke; heck, we might even buy the thing if the price is 350 Dollars American. carjug, who gives more than he should to unicycle dot com.

For a 48"er you need an inseam of somewhere around 34" just to be able to ride it, if I’m at all close.

Unless you use blocks on the pedals…

Good, I can ride it!

29" Carbon Fibre Unicycle… :slight_smile:

This is cool!

Clipless pedals… Awesome!!!