Cool Video on YouTube

Anybody ever seen or heard of this guy? The video isn’t the best put together video ever, but he’s got some decent moves…

And a more recent short one. He has quite a few videos on youtube.

yeah i know him he is pretty good!

Boys got skils.

damn he side hopped like 2m over that canal in the second video

Yup that was pretty good, not sure how I missed them videos when searching through them all

the superman is crazy!

More from the same guy:

no flips or spins but still good

he doesn’t really seem to be into street at all, just trials.

edit: except for when he stands on his tire. that’s pretty cool.

he is a pure trial :smiley:

boy lives in france… hes probs on that french unicycling forum…
anyways sweet videos ;D

Uni and James Bond… two of my favorite things mixed together! I love it!

He has the same shin guards as me… I want to know where to buy more if I destroy mine.

Geez, his superman is like… super straight, he even gets the other arm out straight. Crazy skills!