Cool Video montage from Don McGrath

Don McGrath, avid Rook Climber and author of the book “Dream it, Live it, Love it” (which I’m lucky enough to be in) has put together a really wonderful video montage of some of the athletes who appear in his book, It’s really well done and looks great! I’m honored that he included yours truly in the video as well.

That offroad wheelchair racing photo was amaaazing! Never knew such a sport could exist, if my legs ever go I know what I’m going to be taking up!
Very motivational video, glad I watched it - aimed a bit towards the older generation but I’m sure we can all take a little something from it :stuck_out_tongue:

Your interview was nice and well done btw :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah, he’s [Gerard Moreno] amazing and inspirational, and does fencing in addition to the extreme wheelchair racing! Here’s another cool “Inspirational quotes” video Don also put together. :smiley: