Cool video brought to my attention...

One of my Sponsors, Twins bike shop, emailed me this link and it’s pretty cool stuff. The guy on the uni as well as his buddy on the 2-wheeled contraption called a “bike” is also pretty darn good. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s even a trampoline backflip in there too. Sorry if this has been posted before but I hadn’t see it before:

Very entertaining :slight_smile:

that was awesome !! :astonished:
very good, clean riding (from both!) :slight_smile:
and insane trampoline stunts

very cool vid
who was the freestyler?
He rode a signatur i think

That’s Show Business!

Amazing! :astonished: That is an incredible routine, not least of all because the performers looked so relaxed and natural - as if they weren’t even concentrating!
Santana also made it a good soundtrack - way to go!

The guy withe the beard cracked me up! :smiley: I also notice that those “trick” bikes always seem to have the front fork bent back a bit, so the front wheel almost touches the frame. Maybe for more stability?

Life’s a balancing act :slight_smile:

Oh yes! I hadn’t noticed that at first. Hmmm, well he did do some one-wheel balancing stunts on that bike - perhaps its a unicycle in diguise :slight_smile:

Its given me an idea. I have a spare bi-cycle in the barn and a welder :wink: I’ve been wondering what to do with that bike. Think I’ll try welding it into a slightly different configuration - make a trick bike out of it:D

That is what should be on america’s got talent.

Well, most people have seen similar unicycle “stunts” in circus acts or a circus-like environment, like this video. What most people are NOT familiar with is Extreme, more gritty, Street, trials and especially MUni! That is what I’m hoping will be featured. Btw, my audition is now just 10 days away! :slight_smile:

they both had toe straps on their pedals

I swear he’s riding a Koxx which is hella cool. Haha I took my unicycle on my trampoline once and I racked my nuts so hard on the seat.

That vid was really cool.

How are you going to do muni on a stage?

Awsome vid:D

That would actually give LESS stability.

I think they do it so the wheel will track the same weather the handlebars are facing forwards or back.

Haha I’ve thought of that. But the reason they said they wanted me was the fact that I’m a lot older (than you guys lol) and do “extreme” riding; not just MUni.

They saw me jumping off stuff like 7’ tractors, phone booths, stairs, walls, plus MUni, etc., and told me, “wow, the fact that you’re 53 and doing this stuff is the ‘twist’ we are looking for!” But I think they will have some things set up on the stage, like a portable stair set, some obstacles and whatnot. :smiley:

Makes sense. :slight_smile:

i learnt the hard way too.:o

very cool vid

The guy on the bike was great! He did his best to make a unicycle out of what he had.:slight_smile: