Cool Unicycle Idea

I think 'twould be a fine looking ride to have, as a seatpost, a big mountainbike rear coil-over shock!

You would have to prevent the shock from pivoting though, maybe with another set of holes in-line with the existing one.

You could put the remote lockout on the ‘handlebar’ behind the brake lever.

You could set it at your riding height, lock it out, and if you want to do a 6 foot drop, you have 3" of good quality travel (The longest piston travel you can get is 3")

Any one think something like this is possible?

Now that would be what ever price the inventors would set

Sofa: I can’t even put shelves together straight

Instead of having to worry about the post pivoting, why not do what some mountain bikes do, and having the forks come right up to the top, and put the suspension in that?

Phil, just me

The forks of a bike are designed to handle your weight when you’re sitting far back from them, not directly overtop. That’s why I’m thinking a rear shock, they can hold alot more weight with their gigantic springs

Either design is valid. The forces on the front end of a two wheeled MTB when doing ‘serious downhilling’ are pretty huge. The forks will definitely be up to the job.

The single shock seems a bit neater for a unicycle but using forks would be much easier.

This cannondale based uni’ is nice

The only Cannondale fork I’d use would be the one-sided ‘Lefty’

I can hear it now coming from any Unicyclist…“Hey, you’re missing half your unicycle!”

Using a lefty you will definitely be pushing the limits of the loads it was designed to take.

There is a rather flash mono forked uni’ here

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>Using a lefty you will definitely be pushing the limits of the loads it
>was designed to take.
>There is a rather flash mono forked uni’ here

Cool! I was surprised top see a picture of me riding the 13-wheeler!
There are a couple of out of date links on that page poiting to:

which is out of date and should be

I’d appreciate it if whoever is in charge can make the change.

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That 13 wheeler must have been ‘interesting’ when trying to turn or rock with all that momemtum and inertia.

That website hasn’t been updated for 4 years so I suspect any link changes wont be immediate :slight_smile: