Cool TV show, also cheap trials structures available to L.A. riders

Hi All,

A week ago I had a pretty fun experience shooting a segment for a Discovery Channel show called More than Human. The segment is athlete/science-oriented, and will focus on balance and how it works.

It was really big budget- they flew me to L.A. and picked me up at the airport in a limo, for the drive out to the studio in Valencia.

There they built me a really nice trials demo setup and we rode and filmed for about 4 hours. It was pretty funny filming- definately not the usual underground style as there were a crew of 15 people, 3 cameras, major studio equipment including a crane-mounted camera, and a full support setup including a makeup person and a kraft wagon serving lunch.

After that they took me to a doctors office and brought in a specialist, who tested my balance with a number of sensors. This was really interesting. First I stood on a sensor plate hooked to a laptop, and did a few tests (standing normally, standing with my eyes closed etc), and the sensor plate measured how I shifted my weight around slightly to maintain balance. Then they sat me at a computer and put googles on my eyes, with one side open and the other with a video camera filming my pupil. I then looked at stimuli that appeared on a computer screen and they tested my response to these.

I believe that the show will air Feb 12 at 10pm on Discovery Channel. It will probably be irritatingly sensationalized but may be interesting nonetheless.

Also- IMPORTANT NOTE to all riders near L.A.:

There are currently some very nice trials structures sitting in a production studio in Valencia California (near L.A., near Six Flags Amusement Park).

The structures include two 4 foot boxes, one 2 foot box, a couple of ramps, 4 sandwich boards, and two very cool welded beams- one 8’x2" wide steel beam, and one 8’ x 3" round pipe.

These cost them around $1200 to build and it would be a shame to see them throw them out.

If anyone wants them and can pick them up (you’d need a big cube van), please email me at within the next two days and I will give you contact info. I don’t know how much they’d sell them for but probably it would be around $200.

Kris Holm

will it be shown in the uk on that date?


Will it be part of “Man vs. Machine vs. Nature”?

Here is a link to the More Than Human schedule.

I guess so. I’d actually never heard of the show before they called me.

The first time it airs, it’s only going to be for Discovery USA but at some later date (don’t know when) they are going to screen it on Discovery International.


That’s really neat, Kris. I’m interested to see what the overall show is and how your skills fit into it.

ive seen that show before, its really cool. Do you think they originally thought of having a trials unicyclist on the show? Anyway, thats awsome, cant wait to see it.

I’ve seen the show before too. The episode I watched, had a guy catching arrows with his bare hands. Very scientific and cool at the same time.


Hey Steve, do you think you could record it, cable tv is few and far between here at Briercrest.

I saw this show at my moms house over xmas. My mom watched with me and said that there should be unicyclists on it. The lady was right on :slight_smile: . Nice job Kris!

Now i just have to get cable…

Wow, I love that show…parts of it at least. It will be very cool to see one of our most beloved riders on a big budget set for once. I’m interested to see what the results of all the testing is. I think it will just serve to confirm the fact that Kris is more then human.



Kris, If you know when it comes on Discovery Europe, can you tell it:)

I guess there will be also a serie about juggling

On the schedule there is standing this:
The Real Coach Class

Surviving at 30,000 feet inside the wheel well of an airplane is a stowaway’s saga. The fastest talking woman in the world tells her story at 600 words per minute. Learn the art of knife throwing


Re: Cool TV show, also cheap trials structures available to L.A. riders

I’m a big fan of google. How can I get some googles for my eyes?


Just pushing this up to the top to get more “airplay”

Any takers? What about you Nor call boys comin down to get this stuff? or even San Diego?

If anyone wants these, let me know ASAP!

I hope they still have them and haven’t thrown them in the garbage already- that would be a shame.


I’m fairly near Valencia. But I don’t think I’m good enough to use stuff like that yet. Definately not worth $200 to me right now. :frowning:

I’ll take them.

I live about 26 miles southwest of Valencia. I have a pickup and a buddy with a bigger pickup.
Please contact me, I’ll do my best to give the props a new home.

Thanks in advance.
Ron Sowers
ron at sowersfamily dot com

I am keeping this at the top since my PVR only records 10 days in advance, and I don’t want to forget to record it.

Re: Cool TV show, also cheap trials structures available to L.A. riders

On Sat, 31 Jan 2004 12:51:10 -0600, bugman
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>I am keeping this at the top since my PVR only records 10 days in
>advance, and I don’t want to forget to record it.

This must be the strangest use of a newsgroup: as an alarmclock! :expressionless:

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

Has anyone heard about when this show is going to air?? I have checked the program schedule and they are not showing anything about it…

Re: Cool TV show, also cheap trials structures available to L.A. riders

I expect that the program airing that date will have the footage. I am just recording each show for the next month to be sure.:smiley: