Cool "texured" painted T7

Well, I decided to keep my Radial 36er and sell my new coker (buyer picking it up tomorrow) and so I thought I would repaint my T7. I found a can of texture coat spray in my shop, in a graphite color.

Turned out nice and should wear pretty well. I also deepened the center channel and installed velcro to the bottom of it and the correspoding piece to the botom of the fabric. It’s holding perfectly and the rest of the fabric is adheared to the foam using 3M contact adhesive.

Why are you selling your new Coker? Was there something wrong with it or do you just like the Radial better?


Well, I thought I would want two; one for road and the other for coker MUni, which turned out to really only be a novelty for me, and not a regular thing. I love traditional MUni on my 24" hands down, so I’ll be sticking with that. Besides, I love doing big drops and really technical MUni, and 36ers just can’t handle that stuff with square tapers and such. And yes, I guess I’m just used to my radial and like it a lot!:smiley:

Hey, what seat is that? Looks awesome.

That paint looks really slick. Would really be nice on the whole uni. The textured look you’ve achieved reminds me of Probailer’s seatpost, although I think his is actually just a partial spray of black paint.

Its a modified KH freeride fusion saddle. He made it a new cover so that more of the channel could be exposed. He had a pretty involved thread about it a while back that you should still be able to find.

Haha, funny to see that someone remembers my seatpost.
My paintjob is just like you said: partial spray of black over a silver seatpost.
On pictures it looks a bit rusty accourding to some people, but in real life it isn’t so bad.

Peter M

Thanks, yeah I made a thread about my seat mods: New "open channel" Coker Saddle!

This is the fourth and probably final mod. I like it the best because it’s the most comfy and the simplest and looks pretty sweet too!:smiley: The main difference between this latest mod and the last one in the other thread, is that I deepened the foam channel and added a velcro strip to the center to hold the fabric down and it worked out great.