cool story

Yesterday some friends came around to go for a unicycle ride. As the 4 of
us were just about to ride off from my place this guy pulls up in a car
and says “Do you want another one of those things?”

I popped my head into the car window and said sure, was he selling one.
When he said that he had had it for 3 years and that he never managed to
ride it I offered to teach him. He said no thanks and he would be happy to
give it to us. There was an immediate feeding frenzy from the 3 others
behind me (all of them were on unicycles that they borrowed from me), they
all tried to get into the car window and claim the uni for themselves - an
ugly picture. I spoke to the guy and organised for him to drop the uni off
sometime to my place.

A quick game of paper, scissors, rock would solved the unicycle ownership
issue. I opted out of the game as I already have enough of them.

All that needs to happen now is for the guy to actually drop off the
unicycle and all will be happy.

Wayne van Wijk

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