Cool smart watch for riding

This smart watch seems like a cool idea for using your smart phone while riding.

I’m getting one. It’s on indiegogo with a video. :sunglasses:

i like it :smiley: were can i give you my money

To give me money, please PM me and I’ll send you my paypal info! :stuck_out_tongue: I love money!

Otherwise, if you’re serious about one of these watches, just go to the page and click one of the big squares on the right to choose a perk (the watch) and then contribute that amount. It’s a bit of a wait (November) but I think this is a pretty cool accessory.

Seriously? That is the last thing I need. Ring ring “Hi honey, what are you doing?” “I’m riding my unicycle…” crash bang skid thunk. “Honey are you there? Hello… hello…”

Technology sucks. That’s why I ride a unicycle in the forest.

More like, “Yeah, sorry honey I extended my ride. I’m gonna be another hour. No need to worry”… keeps riding.

Or, “Mike, I’m at the north end but I don’t see you yet. Are you still working through the red trail?”

Or, “Record – tree down. Handsaw won’t be big enough – Record stop”

Anyway, I see some cool uses for this.

Technology sucks? Internet? Forums? Strong reliable unicycles?

And that’s why you’re posting this on an internet forum.

Well, even a steam locomotive is technology and i don’t see any conflict in using the internet and having no use for a bulky device attached to my wrist that interacts with my "smart"phone and connect me even more to the “cloud” or the “social network” (and the NSA)



It looks cool. Now all we need is a smartphone with a battery that can last with it’s GPS turned on for the full length of a ride. I don’t think mine will…

Mine won’t last either so ya John it kinda sucks

I have a Pebble smart watch. It’s useful for controlling music or seeing GPS data from my iPhone while the phone is safely tucked away.

Just be aware that when you support a project on Kickstarter (and I assume Indiegogo) you aren’t buying something - you’re sponsoring the development of a product that doesn’t yet exist. Be prepared for the potential that your watch may arrive months late and without key functionality that had been touted. The Pebble has come along nicely through updates since it arrived, but it was underwhelming at delivery.