cool riding in Taipei


Just thought I’d share about a really awesome day today, exploring trails and backroads near Taipei, Taiwan, where I’m over doing product development for KHU. Perks of the job are a chance to take a couple of extra days and explore.

Taipei is a great city for exploring on a uni in that it’s pretty quick to get out of the city core into some chaotic narrow streets on the outskirts, with about a thousand moped riders per city block (OK an exaggeration but you get the point!), then steep hills and jungle just outside the city.

I wanted to find a trail called the “Gas Plant” trail, mentioned on the internet and located beside a highway tunnel and gas plant.

I never did find the official trail but headed up a steep concrete aqueduct that connected with a trail above the road tunnel, climbing up to an amazing view of the city and several small religious shrines (not sure what kind) on really steep terrain overlooking the city. The trail was fairly technical singletrack and really slippery stairs, and led through a ridge, over the tunnels, and back towards the city, where I explored some tiny streets and found a small place for lunch- seafood soup and rice. The other perk of Taipei- easy to find really good, cheap food.

After that I pedalled northeast and ascended some very steep streets heading again up above the city, and by complete fluke ended up on a steep bushwacky trail. I had a vague sense of where it might end up so I kept going, riding as much as possible and hiking where it got too bushy, and emerged an hour later on a small road. The road was beautiful. It lead through a canyon with cliffs on one side and very small farms on the other, winding down to a university campus on the east side of town. It was doubly fun because it was such a surprise, and refreshingly quiet compared to the city. Eventually I emerged back into the chaos of east Taipei, and joined the mopeds for a race back to town, partly on a bikepath beside a large river that skirts the east side of the city.

Just when I thought the ride adventure was over, in a completely random location beside the river with only a few old men for an audience, there was a puppet show playing, mounted on the top of a van, with earsplitting Asian music and 2 puppets fighting each other, complete with loud gun noises and smoke and even flames shooting out of the stage. Totally surreal.

Anyway, just a story of a really cool day.


Moral to the story, always take a digital camera?

Thanks for the writeup, it sounds peregrine.

Nice story, but…

Translate into english should be:

"This post without photos don’t worth it "

:smiley: :smiley:

AS pete says take always your camera with you pleaseeee!!!

if its a ride report from kris holm himself, its worth it !

Of course it worth it, I was just kidding, but it would be wonderful with some pics, don`t you think? With the oportunity of Kris traveling around the world some photos of his trips ( landscapes, cultures and of course unicycling) will be georgeous in his reports.

I never brought a camera! Seriously. I was too busy riding.


carry it in your backpack nextime silly!:slight_smile:

When I travel, I take a 20". But I’m guessing Kris had a 29" he could borrow. Cuz that sounds like a fair bit of mileage!

You definately should have a compact camera with you. In addition to some travel photos, it would be interesting to see the factory and people that make our unicycles.

Thanks for the write up! It sounded like a great day.

I think its good to just go riding… Have fun and enjoy it without worrying about taking photos or video along the way.


Honestly, I don’t think a camera can do justice to most adventures of this kind and actually water-down the description. Some things are better left to the imagination.


Nice write-up, I never read write-ups as I find them long and boring haha, but as it was written by Kris I thought I might as well give it a shot. Nice length and sounds like you had a good time. Can’t say I’m not slightly jealous :wink: I agree it would be nice to see some pictures, especially of the factory, I will ask Egon if he has some pictures of the Qu-Ax factory, I’ve never seen those and that would be pretty cool. Kris, any chance of pics of the KH factory? It sounds like you’re still in Taipei. I wonder how big it would be haha, it can’t be too big can it… (even though it’s probably a huge factory making unicycle and bike parts and welding and stuff like that)

Nice write up Kris.

@t Dustin

I am pretty shure that most of the uni stuff comes out of the same factory

Actually, there isn’t such thing as a single factory, so all unis aren’t really made in the same place. You need to find various makers for the different components, and then coordinate assembly of those components. And through all of it you have to keep track of quality in both production and assembly, and then finally ship the stuff.

So I’d call it more of a “system” than a factory, not something you could really take a photo of.