Cool Product's From Odyssey

Hi all,

I have come from a BMX background, so I know what products are good. I have found some new product’s from Odyssey that would be very useful for Mountain Unicycling and Trials Unicycling.

Odyssey has a seat post out that is called the “Jim’s Bean”, it is guaranteed for life! It runs for around $20.00-30.00 (USD).

The also have a pedal called “Southgate”, and you can get it in Magnesium, or aluminum with a 14mm 4130 cromoly spindle. You can get it with Panther Tech skateboarding bearings, which should take tons of drops and abuse in any metal, or loose ball bearings . They retail around $29.00 for loose bearings (aluminum only, no choice of magnesium), and $100.00 for magnesium and $75.00 aluminum with the Panther Tech bearings.

Just thought somebody might like to know, cause next year I might run a Jim’s Bean and Southgate Aluminum Panther Techs on my Kris Holm cycle. Maybe I should get paid for advertising for Odyssey all of the sudden like this, oh well great products have to be exposed.