cool pictures

I just wanted some pictures of other people doing some cool stuff on their unicycles. This one is of me suicide mounting; and I landed it, too.

In this picture I think I was trying to ride a skateboard…on my unicycle…while idling.


Ok heres a few

Ok they are

  1. Hop on wheel one handed
  2. Ridin down the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley
  3. Wheel Walk
  4. No footer
  5. Unipsin with handle bars(one of my favs.)
  6. Kick up
  7. Wheel hop on stump
  8. Trampoline FLop
  9. A static hop up a meter maid car
  10. Wheel walk( part of trick num 6)

If you want pictures, you should search for them in the boards, or ask the oracle to search for you…

Even just a quick look at the front page in JC would have given you plenty to look at