Cool picture from today ^_^

Thought I’d share.

this is my cool pic from today…

man what a thread jack, the first pic is nice btw

well if the thread is cool pics from today…why cant i post mine!!!

Better watch out, the secret service might be knocking on your door soon for Thread Jacking!:wink:

dam* it! i always mess up.
The thread is called cool pic from today…
so i posted mine.
big deal??? Or no…

Awesome pics guys!!

umm " cool picture from today…", sorry U dude

whats that suposed to mean?

No fight? :frowning:
I like both pics!

no id fight him.
right now.
cyber battle.:slight_smile:

It’s his picture that was taken today that he would like to share with unicyclist. not a post your cool pictures from today thread.

ah well.
its done.
i dont care.
i think it could be a cool ththread.

Everyone shut the fuck up, it’s a threadjack but why does it matter?
I share, he shares, why don’t YOU share?

It’s no big deal, the only prblem is the bad quality of the picture haha! :smiley:

thank u.
and your pic is very artistic.
i like.

Ooooooo…purdy picture. :astonished:

That is definitely wallpaper material. :stuck_out_tongue:

unidude your picture isn’t artistic…you just blurred it…
I have to say, that first one is pretty neat though

Well, good thing he never said his picture was the artistic one.

Well, sorry that I misread.