Cool Pic of wheel grab

Here is Ryan (m_extreme_uni) doing a really cool wheel grab. I think it’s the professional photography that makes it look so good, though :wink:

That is very impressive.

Now I KNOW that I suck at this unicycle thing :wink:

But someday…


More reasons I need to pratice rolling hops…

Sweet pix and nice move.


hey! is that pee all over his shirt/pants?? :smiley: it’s a nice pic Sofa Thanks, c’ant wait to see those vids.

For all of those that dont get the above humour…(only sofa would) I had a juice box of Apple juice in my pocket, and it burst and went all over me, and froze rock-hard. And Sofa kept teasing me :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue: .


Oh, that’s right, I remember…the ‘apple juice’

I’m working on those vids right now. Although, it’s just you…I didn’t figure anyone would want to see the vid you took of YOUR DAMN THUMB!

did i? oops my bad, sorry, i really was trying to hold it at the bottom, i guess i’m just that i’m a newbie photographer, and that just doesn’t compare to your professional abilities.:smiley:
i’m really sorry though.


No worries, I’ve done that to one or two people along the way :smiley:

(no comment, Spickydoo!)

That is a great pic! And awesome. I thought I was pretty good. Now I’m feelin’ I need to go out tommorow in this cold weather, with my cold, and practice!!! And I will! Awesome job!

Hey Ryan, cool grab! Dan introduced the idea of tire or wheel grabs to me, but I was grabbing the back/bottom of the wheel. You hop up and bring the wheel back/up and to the side, pretty hard, but looks cool.




dont worry extreme. I’ve been riding with sofa for quite a few years. Both uni and bike and every time he tries to get a pic of me it’s just the background and my back tire or something like that. I think it’s a conspiracy

vids are up @

if anyone wants the hi-res versions, let me know

wow! very very nice pic and vids. You do indeed have some extreme tuni scools.

I dont know if you can get a better example of a crank grab gap than than the one in the second video.

Way cool.

That ledge is sweet too I dont think I would have tired it with snow on it, but pritty impressive riding none the less.


it’s too bad Brian didn’t film any of the big seat-out hops i did, but on the one with the rocks in it, is about a 70cm hop, if you go in slow-mo you can see the technique. And it also sucks that i dabbed on the gap, but just imagine it without the dab :smiley: . Well, if i only had a camera i could put up so many more clips, but that’s life. umm, oh, highest hop of the weekend of wonderful london riding pulls in a about 82-83cm, and that’s about all.

Thanks again Brian for Driving me around.


the benefits of riding with another person certainly outweighs the cost of a litre of gas!

nice pic! ive done some myself and i think they look great! you ever try one down a bigger set?

Well, I did take a picture of the stairs at the CN Tower once, but the lighting was bad


You are a total nut-job. Awe-inspiring, Man- absolutely the Bomb-diggity!

What brand of AJ box was that? would it help my rolling hop?


I tried the wheel grab down some stairs today with much success. It’s not to bad I suggest everyone give it a try. Nice pedal grab by the way. I still have more luck with crank grabs myself, the pedal doesn’t have the consistancy I would like (That’s what I get for not practicing it.) I am now working on grabbing the wheel behind me as Dylan suggested. It is much tougher.

Today’s tricks to try:

  • Rolling hop halfway down a set of stairs riding out the second, make sure to wheel grab while in air.

  • Rolling hop down a set of stairs wheel grabbing and nailing a 180.

  • Sal