cool new trick, is it easy though?

okay so i just practiced like for 30 minutes and i can almost like mount with the seat already in front and ride for like two revs it is so cool, but hard, and can anybody else here do that or am i the first? or what?

Everyone cna do it if theyd try thats how I get on to seat out hop so proably lotsa ppl do same

Read the rules to see that it or similar skills are included in the Standard Skills List. Then you can compare the point value of that to various other things to see where it fits in, at least from a Standard Skill point of view…

Rules links below:

Like, like, like, like, I can do it and it’s not the hardest trick for me.
It did take a little while to finely get down. Keep working on it and good luck :sunglasses:


Confirm; reading the offical rules is important. Period.
But habbywall, you might want to see those levels being executed.