Cool new trials vids

These vids were filmed yesterday on an urban ride in downtown Auckland. Thanks to Charles for use of the camera and Geoff for making me do those tricks again and again…

I (may) have invented a new trick - I call it the footplant tyre grab descent. A kind of an odd but cool way to drop off benches and other objects. Does anyone else do this trick?

Have a looky here: trials movies


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cool, that footplant thingyma grabby is pretty cool, i wanna try but my bottom part says i cant

I really love that flying jump mount, that was so cool! Also, is there any possible way to spin the tire around when you do the footplant tire grab? You could try and spin the wheel in a 360 on your way down! If you don’t I’ll have to try that… it sounds really cool, and possible. Everything else is awesome too! In fact, you’ve given me something else new to try, riding down stairs and filming myself :stuck_out_tongue: I think I might be able to do it because I can ride down stairs pretty well, haha. Anyway, sweet clips and good job.

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Sweet vids Tony!
I’ll have to make my way back down to NZ so you can teach me some of that. Next time I’ll bring my own uni, so I won’t have to struggle with yours. I’m better on a shorter uni…I promise.

BTW, You need to post a vid of you riding with out bending your knees. That was some weird stuff.


Yeah -they’re fun do to! Once you’ve got the technique you can do them off just about anything - benches, tables, rubbish bins even. I found the most important thing is to try and put the wheel out in front of you (as opposed to directly underneath you) when you land.

Yes, you could! You can stay in the ‘footplanted, tyre grabbed’ position for as long as you like - it just looks cooler to do it without pausing. You’d have to get your timing absolutely perfect to do a 360 wheel spin or otherwise you’ll get a pedal in the shin or calf! Going for a flying 180 wheel spin might be good to practise first. Definitely worth a crack!

Hey Daniel - Come on down to the AK and I’ll show you how she’s done!
As it happens I got a clip of that very trick filmed last week! I’ve been meaning to post it, but it’s on someone else’s camera and I need to get a CD burnt of the clip. Hopefully you’ll see it soon!


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Yeah those vids were pretty cool- it’s great to see some innovative stuff! But the vids came up they were rotated 90 degrees to the left (so the floor was vertical along the right hand side of the screen!) when I watched them! Does anyone know why this is and how I can stop it?

Yeah the only reason I’d be opposed to the 180 though is because you’d be landing in the opposite crank position which would be hard for me. Anyway, I didn’t actually try it but I think if you grab the uni with one hand on the seat post area, and then with your other hand spin the tire while jumping you could do it. I’ll be trying this! It sounds cool!

Also, I’ll have to try that jump mount since I can already do suicides pretty well.

Good luck Zach! Get yourself filmed once you can do the wheelspin trick if possible!

You could turn your screen sideways! Other than that there might be some software available to rotate video images, but I don’t know where you’d get it nor whether its free or not…


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You can use VirtualDub to rotate the video and then TMPGEnc to compress it back into an MPEG-1 file.

Do the rotation in VirtualDub. Save it as an uncompressed AVI. Then open the AVI in TMPGEnc to convert it to an MPEG-1 file. Both VirtualDub and TMPGEnc are free programs.

I rotated the videos and put them in my Temporary Stuff gallery:

They’ll stay there until Tony says “Yup, I got them” and puts them in his gallery. After that they’ll be gone.

It’s a lot easier to see what’s going on when you don’t have to hold your head sideways. :slight_smile:

And if anyone is wondering about the crew pictures in there, Irene Genelin is in the red boat.

avi -v- MPEG


I save my videos as .avi

Why do some people save theirs as MPEGs etc?

What is the difference (advantages/disadvantages) with each of them?

Just wondering,



I suspect Tony used MPEGs because that was the native format for the camera he used. Some digital cameras do AVI, some MOV, and other MPEG.

I like MPEG because it’s the most portable. Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Windows CE, and others can all play MPEG-1 videos. No special codec needed, no special media player to install, it just works.

AVI only works well if you use a custom codec like DivX. The standard AVI codecs don’t give good compression so you need to use something like DivX. But the DivX codec requires a manual install otherwise the video won’t play. Not good for people who are not computer savvy.

MOV is convenient for the Mac people but not so convenient for the Windows and Unix people. For Windows you need to install QuickTime to play the videos.

WMV (Windows Media Video) gives very good compression but is very Windows centric and not good for the Unix and Linux folks.

The disadvantage with MPEG is that the files will be 2 to 4 or more times bigger than WMV (Windows Media 9) or DivX.

that footplant tire grab was a great idea. I m gonna start using that soon as the snow melts

The videos are great!

And thanks alot John!! :slight_smile: