Cool new pictures.

So I met a guy at the skatepark about a month or two ago and he took some really cool pictures and I just got them today so I figured I would show you guys. Just to put things into perspective, that is not a normal four set, each stair is actualy 18 inches high! (when I landed this one it bent my seatpost XD)

I have a video clip of it too but I’m going to save that either for a video later on, or if there is another colab video coming up (I think I missed the boat on shaun’s, plus its like just one jump)]

O and that was on those cranks that people saw at the Toronto meet :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that is good t-shirt material for all you picture scroungers out there (including me)…

MAN!! What groovy pics!!

i love the very last one.

not that it’s much different, it’s just a really cool angle.

Thanks guys I’m glad to hear you like them.

The second is my favourite aswell cause it looks like I’m 3 feet above the set! :astonished:

Sweet angles. They make the set look HUGE.

I think its pretty huge, its a 6 foot four set.:stuck_out_tongue:

that is pretty cool

whoa! those are super sick pics, you look like your waay up there on the second pic

i definitly like the bottom picture the most, you look like you’re getting some height. are you riding the koxx orange bud? i can’t really tell, but the orange rim is sweet

thanks for the nice comments guys, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures, alot of blood sweat and bone matter went into making them.

The rim is actualy a DX-32, that I had powdercoated orange aswell as my Koxx-one hub, with 110 cranks. I also had the frame done a cream colour but it turned out more white than cream, the overall feel for the colour scheme now looks very pizza pizza :o

For those of you who are wondering what he’s talking about:
It’s a very popular pizza franchise here in Canada.

very nice pics. i like the second one most

sexy pic’s! i personally like the first one best, but it looks like im outnumbered. Nice uni, i luv the orange rim, and im liking the yellow shirt. very very very nice.

The colors ARE gorgeous!

that’s sick! you got some huge air.

Reviving this, cause i think it deservs it, Props to you Nathan.

Good Old Legacy.