Cool new pedals from crankbrothers....

Not for me, I couldnt find the price tag but its got to be too high for me.

But check it out…mix and match colors, removable body to put the pins were you want…Now thats Novelty!

Sweet. But I wonder if the 2-plates compromise stability. I wouldnt want them falling apart during a grind or getting broked from a small smashing.

I need to get Black and gold for my muni now… NOW!

Hmm I dunno.
But I guess on a muni grinding wouldnt be too much of a problem.

But we all know that color matching is the most important part of the pedal.

Damn right, I just think that the pink/black would look awsome on a trials.

| yeah i was just htinking pink and black.

What’s with this new pink fad? I don’t buy it. I’m sticking with my blues and greens.

Re: Cool new pedals from crankbrothers…

Petals aren’t available ?

It says $25 for plate kit
… and $10 for pin kit

… my pins have lost thier color already …

… even if these were anodized … they would loose thier color quikly

I cant see wastn hard made $$$ for this …

I would never be able to grind on a pedal that expensive. I would freak out if I even started to drop the uni!!!
Better stick to cheapie pedals…

i can’t find any online stores that sell these, and the price of the pedal isn’t listed on the site
does anyone know how much the initial pedal costs?

I heard somewhere on pinkbike that the color swappable version is going to start at $120 :frowning:

Looks like (from this press release) the 5050 X’s are $80 and the 5050 XX’s are $120. Add on top of that extra plates, ur looking at pushing $150 for a pair of the sweetest looking pedals in the world.


The sealed bearing version (the XX) uses needle bearings for the inboard bearings. I’m not sure how well the needle bearings will hold up to unicycle abuse. Every time the unicycle falls and the pedal smacks the ground the needle bearings take a bad hit and needle bearings generally don’t like taking hits like that. I had a pair of Kore platform pedals that had inboard needle bearings and the needle bearings only lasted a couple of months of basic muni abuse. The Crank Brothers pedals could have an improved needle bearing design but I’d still be very skeptical that the bearings will survive muni abuse and especially trials abuse.

The unsealed bearing version (the X) is probably the better option for unicycle use. They don’t have the needle bearings. They’re also cheaper.