Cool Horns: Unicycling Frogs

Our club leader, Darren Bedford, would probably say that Freddie the frog needs
to raise his seat up a bit, like 2". And I’m not sure how many spokes this guy
has on his Uni… He could certainly change his seat to something more

He’s green, cool (being cold blooded) and rides a Uni, so I’ve added him to our
“Links” page on

Freddie is certainly welcome in Toronto.

P.S. I’m using Netscape Navigator 4.08 with the Quicktime browser plug-in, which
is free to download and works on many web sites. The most recent version is
4.1.2 and is available for the Mac, Win95/98/NT/2000.


> > Mark Stephens wrote in message
> > <>…
> > >Hey Everyone! Check it out.
> Freddie does stuff on parallel bars, does push ups, and unicycles for me. What
> do you use for a browser? I am using IE4. the unicycling is a little over half
> way down the main page.
> Lowell

“Onwards, Forwards, Upwards We Go”

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