Cool Coker Clips :)

Only had about 30 minutes to get this footage before the rain would have drenched my gear! I was out there mainly to experiment with different shutter speeds and settings on my canon HV30 HD camcorder. It’s pretty cool and I’m only just starting to appreciate what it can do.

(Still can’t figure out how to get “smooth” slow motion, even using the fastest shutter speed.)

Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

PS: I’m working on my very first flatland viddy, so stay tuned!

were you using 150s or 125s?

haha, neither! :smiley:

140s? in between? :thinking:

EDIT: Hahah, stay tuned :wink: Movie Maker will likely never give smooth slow motion.

Yeah, 114mm. I started with 150’s like most, then dropped to 125’s, which seem to be a popular size for many 36er riders. I prefer the 114’s overall since they give me a bit more speed with less up/down leg motion. :slight_smile:

Joejumps4fun (Uni documentary maker) also has the canon hv30, and he suggested that I try 60i (deinterlaced first, then ad slo-mo effect), but even 30p shot in sports mode should be decent, if slowed down just by 1/2.

I just downloaded the full-use trials of both Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 14 and Vegas pro 9, and my slow motion is still choppy. I’m pretty sure it was because of the slow shutter setting I used for filming this. I’ll have to try it with sport setting, which I think is at least 1/500 shutter speed. Also, this was filmed in 24p, so maybe I could try 60i deinterlaced then add slow motion. I think 30p should also work fine with 1/2 slow motion.

Terry you are very smooth on the coker.
I just ordered a kh 36 and wanted to watch some coker videos to get warmed up for when the real thing arrives. You have some great videos. I’d like to be able to ride like that!

i laughed when you had to stop tuning due to the sirens. i imagine that is a fairly typical hazard in your line of work! :slight_smile:

Thanks, and I’m jealous you’re getting a new kh 36er, and I want one too! :smiley: Yeah when I’m tuning a piano at someone’s house, it always amazes me when the house cleaner starts vacuuming right next to me! So I have to kindly explain that I can’t tune with loud noises; they usually understand and wait until I’m done. If they don’t, I simply rip the power cord out and whip them with it! ;):stuck_out_tongue: