Cool coincidence

Recently met a new local rider on the trail about a month back, and today we met up for an exhiliarating early morning 9 mile MUni ride. He’s Dr. Ilan Kendan, Cardiologist…good to know in case I ever have a coronary on the trail lol!

Anyway, as you can see below, we have more than MUni in common!:stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent and nice pic!

you should introduce him to cycling gloves and!

not going to lie, thats a little freakin weird

I did.:slight_smile:

Lol, why’s that? We just have the same kind of car and KH MUnis. Thought it would make for a cool pic. :sunglasses:

That is awesome.

are those gardening gloves??? lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, for those who “DIG” MUni!

Haha, no I’m not sure what you mean, but I wear fox mtb gloves. :slight_smile:

If anyone would have a coronary on the trail, it’d be you.

“Really”? Even those weekend hikers and other assorted ppl on the trail who are way overweight, smoke, drink and eat to excess? I’m more likely to have a coronary than them? Lol!

Haha so then why would you say that? I’m in better shape than most people less than half my age! :slight_smile: But at least if it did happen, I’d die doing something I enjoy! :o

If only you didn’t have to go and paint your KH red! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was an old joke, that’s all [Fail!]

I assumed that when you went out on the trail, and you blew by all the overweight smokers with high blood pressure and high cholesterol on your muni, they would die of amazement and disbelief, leaving only you and the other muni riders half your age trying to keep up with you. THEN you’d be most likely candidate for a coronary.

It’s actually red/silver-ish/black camo pattern. Lately I’ve been too busy riding and filming to think about the color scheme of my Muni lol! But yeah, it’s probably time for a change. :sunglasses: I would ask for color suggestions from everybody, but you know how that goes, lol! Nobody agrees, so I have to just go with what I want.:smiley:

Haha, very well played! :slight_smile:

Serendipitous!!! to say the least.

You would have it on tape :roll_eyes:

i wish i knew some more municyclists in my area.

YEah, “POV”: Point Of Vanquishment! :frowning: