Cool 3" x 20" Tire

Pics taken in Walmart.


lets buy the bike so we can take the tires…

i like that bike. it has a gas tank!

p.s. they sell the tires at wallmart

I don’t think buying the bike for the tire is necessary- at least they had a pile of 'em at the last Wal-Mart I dared venture into. (I’m always looking for cheap, fat tires).

Now, that pile may have been waiting for some unassembled bikes, i’m not sure. I’m pretty sure they had a bunch of the fat tires that go on the schwinn choppers for sale separately, though. I think the schwinn tire (in 24") wouldn’t make it onto my LX, though. I was even tempted by the 10$ chenng shin 24" MTB tire, but it was only 24X2, and I want all the width I can cram into that frame, dammit.

use the search botton this has already been thought up :wink:

Shut up please

ok what the hell did i do? :thinking: :angry:

Fat 3x20" Tire

Really, do they work on the rims and are the frames wide enough

20x4.25" Tire