cookies and cream

>Then I found Tammy and Tanya Marsh’s web site. I really owe them a huge thanks
>for their newbie advice. Specifically, the tennis court idea!

>>What?! WHERE??? I haven’t found that site yet. Please give me the URL!

>>Are you still in Sacramento?


Hey Vicki!!

Tammy here. How’s it going? :slight_smile: We have barely scratched the surface of Muni
stuff, but since we live in South Dakota, we do quite a bit of riding thru ice
and snow! does that count? :slight_smile: Anyway, our web site is -
check it out! we put tricks we can do on it, and tips for learning stuff, and
festivals we’ve gone too, and some snow and muni stuff, and lots of pics!

later! Tammy :slight_smile:

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