Convict 100 Write up (50km)

I thought I’d post a write up of a MTB race I did last weekend on my G26er.

So 5:00AM clicks over and my alarm goes off.
It was race morning and we were going to be travelling up on the day.

I’d signed myself up for the Convict 100 MTB race in the 50km Masters category. Over 750 MTBers had entered so I was hopeing for a fun event.

My setup consisted of my Geared KH26 with 137mm cranks, Frankenbrake and my new custom made, Frankenstein handle bars. I had a 3litre bladder with sports drink and some energy gels to munch on.

At the start line I endured the normal run of comments about “where’s the other wheel?” and “are you really going to do it on that?” as well as the doubtfull stares.
I actually love it when they don’t think we can do it because it’s so much more satisfying at the end, particularly when they do the double take as you go past them later on in the hills. :smiley:

The course started off with 12km of level gravel roads so I chose to start near the back of the pack with a later wave. 9:30am came and we were off.
I averaged a bit over 20km/hour for the first section and hit the big ascent with a large bunch of mtb riders.
The climb consisted of a little over 200metres of climbing in 2km.
I rode the first part but it got rough, steep and long so I ended up jogging/walking it. I must have passed 50 or 60 MTB riders on the hill, it was funny how many told me what an advantage I had with so little weight to carry. Hahaha My reply was not only did my Uni weigh much the same as many of their b*kes, but what did they think would be happening once we hit the top?

Anyway, we hit the start of the ridge and we all mounted (except those gasping on the side of the track) and from this point the track became a loose, rough narrow firetrail and followed the ridgeline, the track undulated as it gradually climbed to the peak.
The pattern for this part of the race was me going past riders on the climbs and them roaring past me on the descents. Adding to the difficulty of this was the fact that the track was really rough and I was riding on the edge for the descents (which was worse) so I would not obstruct anybody. This was frustrating as I was losing all the elavation I’d gained with no benefit.

Everything was going really well until about 26km in and a little before the drink station I started to get cramps every time I stood up for a hill, because of this I took a couple of minutes at the drinks station to try and stretch my Quads. I also took to jogging the steeper pinches rather than riding them.

From this point on the overall trend was down. It was loose, rough steep and a bit slow, which was a lot of fun.
a number of times I had a rider sitting behind me just to watch someone barrel down a hill on one wheel. Either that or they were waiting for me to crash lol.
A final steep descent was followed by another 10km of gravel road to the finish line.

Although the cramps stayed with me, I thought I was on track for a PB so I continued to ride fairly hard over the last 10km at a little under 20km/hour. Of course pushing hard when you are tired can lead to UPD’s which is of course what happened. I was riding just under 30km/hour when I found myself rolling down the road with a MTB rider saying “are you ok mate” I’d managed to turn the crash into a proper roll somehow, so I was able to jump up and get going again.
As always coming into the finish line is always welcome.
Everyone was really welcoming and I got heaps of cheers as I crossed the line. In fact they were doing the presentations for the winners when I arrived and they stopped what they were doing to congratulate me (woot) and to do a brief interview.

The organizers were so welcoming and all the other riders were really supportive, particularly once they realized I could actually do the race and compete. This has almost always been my experience with these types of events here in Australia which makes it so much more enjoyable.

I averaged over 15km/hour for the race and beat my previous best time for a mtb event of this type by over an hour. although there was no single track it was rough which did slow me down a bit.
I also beat a whole heap of mtb riders which always makes my day. :slight_smile:

Final statics
Race time: 3:14
Overall climbing: 1300 meters
Placed 588 of 767 riders overall.
And best of all I had a really great day.

Great stuff Dragonzfly :smiley: Good result/write up to!

Congrats! It is truly an awesome experience to prove so many folks WRONG. I’ve gotten the stupid questions and silly, doubtful stares at events I’ve attended in the past; but in the end, the joke is usually on them! Great job and nice writeup!

Nice work Rob! Sorry I couldn’t make it to this one- it sounds as though it was a fun, fast race. I’ve been riding more out at Awaba which has been great (i’m kinda sick of my 10km training loop at Glenrock that I ride laps of about 4 times a week). Maybe one time if you have a spare day one weekend we could meet there for a ride. Lots of good single trail to test the high gear skills!


Cheers guys. It was a lot of fun.
Mark, if you have any weekdays off over the next couple of weeks I’ll take a day weeks ill take a day off and come up for a ride.