Converting Trials to freestyle

so right now i have a 20 inch nimbus trials
i love it, its great but im just thinking im not that into that style of riding and i was wondering if it is possible to take the frame and the cranks from that cycle and put a 20 inch street wheel on it?

does any one know?

you can easily put a freestyle wheel in a trials frame but it is going to have huge clearance so it might not be the greatest for foot on crown tricks and might look a bit funny. I think I would just build up a second wheel if you don’t mind the large space between the crown and tire. You probably want shorter cranks for freestyle than you are using for trials.

I have a freestyle wheel in my old no-name trials frame right now. I can’t really do much for tricks so it works for me.

other than looking funny is there something bad about having alot of clearance?
im kinda paranoid so in my mind clearance is good but i could be wrong

Unless you are riding with people who really know unicycles nobody will notice the clearance as anything unusual. But if you are riding with people who do know the difference they will probably be impressed with the unique configuration, which will spawn friendly discussions. Everyone is always looking for something new to try as unicycling is a sport of subtle variations. I know one street rider who uses a KH frame and a BMX rim/tire and is awesome (yes, it’s you Spencer). My advice is to go for it!

Nope there is nothing wrong with it, just lots of clearance. Makes it harder to have your foot both on the crown and the tire at the same time. Not a problem for most of us.

On the plus side you can then use the crown as a handle when carrying the uni.

im planning now on after i buy a replacement for my cruiser (its a cheepy and i will use it to teach people but its a pain to ride cause it was constructed badly) im going to convert my trials.

would it be a good idea to buy a complte wheel set with tire rim pedals and cranks and just switch em out for different ocasions?

also what tools do you use to take out cranks do you have to use the crank remover tools or is that just a regular tool with a special name? and can you sugest some isis crank removers that you guys have used?

To remove the cranks you will need an allen wrench and a crank puller. You use the allen wrench to remove the plug (not sure what the correct name is) and then the crank puller screws into the threaded hole that is left behind. Then you spin the handle on the crank puller which pushes the crank off of the hub. Check out this video (it helped me)

Some people like clearance in their freestyle frames? Issac Steiner’s has like 3ft haha, but he said he likes it.