Converting People to Unicyclism

This thread is to tell everyone when you’ve taught or inspired someone to ride a unicycle! You can start by saying who taught or inspired you, and then say how many people you’ve taught to ride.

Whenever you teach or inspire someone after that initial post, post again!

I’ll Start:

I was watching TV, and saw Kris Holm riding on Daily Planet. I decided right then I was going to unicycle!

To date, I’ve showed one person how to unicycle.

Partly because my dad use to Unicycle when he was a teenager.
Mainly because of a circus skills ‘tent’ at Poole park (I now know is called big top mania) they had a unicycle tent when I was younger I spent all day there then the same the following year, then my ad gave me his old Unicycle.

Who I taught/ inspired:
Got my dad interested in riding again
Taught 2 kids on my road
Taught my friend, which inspired his brother
Taught another friend
And on Wednesday I’m meeting a guy who emailed me asking for me to teach him.
So 7. XD

Inspired by:

Lidl selling cheap unicycles last year and wanting to buy one but them having sold out so searching online and discovering a whole wealth of unicyclingness!


My good friends John and Jimmy who have both just bought cheap Lidl unicycles this time round and I’m going for my first ride with them a week today! Awesome to the max. After a year of loneliness, this will be fun. And inspiration to keep practicing. (I’ve been getting lazy lately)

I was inspired by videos of Shaun Johanneson and Kevin McMullin. I started unicycling at my school and since then it has been a big thing here. I think there’s about 12-15 who ride at my school. But most of them are like 5th, 6th, and 7th graders, so I don’t ride with them a lot:p

theres only like 8 people that ride. the rest gave up

Lets try to list them:
me, you, devin, ryan, aaron (gave up), Guy, Jessie, Keith (gave up), Austin, your sister, Devin’s sister, girl in 6th grade, her friend.

So there’s 11 that still ride. I think I missed some people though…

I was inspired by my brother… first he learnt it at the school and when he bought his own uni I were asking him about to try it… that’s the way I learnt it…

I have inspired two of my friends to learn to ride and they are still progressing…

I was inspired by a friend of mine that had a unicycle. I tried riding it while he was skating in front of his house. Then i began riding in the local unicycle club.
The guy who inspired me could only ride like 2 metres on his own uni, but he can ride as long as he wants to on my KH. And hop a bit too.

I have inspired my dad, sister and around 4 of my friends to learn to ride, but only ride and a couple of hops, another 3 of my friends ride in my club with me, and one who I ain’t in touch with anymore (:(), but he got good enough to ride backwards, one footed, sif, sib, hop around 40-50 cm, crankgrab, 180 unispin (we practiced crankgrabs and unispins at the same time, he got them before me, but that was on a 16". But I got them instantly pretty much consistently when trying them on his uni, while he got them only once every 10 minutes.) and such.

My sister has inspired about 3 of her friends.

I think that was that. :smiley:

I might have inspired a few, and some-as young as early twenties-who thought they were too old to learn, lol. It’s all good! :slight_smile:

I bet you’re one of the top people that have inspired other people, with your news feature, lots of youtube videos, riding in populous SoCal, etc. etc…

Inspired by: People at my elementary school.

Inspired: My dad, Ian, Brad, Antoine, and maybe a few others which I don’t know of. I don’t think any of them are still riding though, at least the ones I listed.

I was inspired by Lloyd Johnson, Kyle Johnson, and Defect

I inspired my friend Carson whom I taught to 360 unispin in 3 weeks of unicycling.

I was inspired by a friend then saw Kris and got into it hardcore.

Wow… well i taught unicycling for 2 or 3 years at a rec-center and have continued to teach privately so to date… 200+ people how to ride. How many continued… I have no idea!

I inspired myself to get a unicycle and a friend showed me a video of Kris Holm when I mentioned what I had bought. At that point I knew I was on the right (single)track :smiley:

I have inspired my cousin and my girlfriend’s younger brother to learn how to ride. Still working on getting my girlfriend in the right mindset :stuck_out_tongue:

Inspired by; Youtube. Lol I can’t remember who or anything but it looked fun and hard. It was almost New Years and instead of making a bunch of resolutions I know I wont and cant keep I try to learn something new every year. (for the record I did learn that year but put the uni away until recently)
I don’t think Ive inspired anyone yet.

I was inspired by seeing circus performers on T.V.

I have inspired so many people I have lost count, and I will not be posting every time I inspire someone because it happens so often. I have been doing unicycling as a main form of transport since 1996, so people have been seeing me and being inspired for a long time. I have inspired William Sklennars, Ben Sarten, and Christian Huriwai. Since I have been teaching I have inspired hundreds more young people, I will not list all their names!

In the courtroom Sugra Morley was an inspiration to me, setting the precedent in the case of Morley Vs the Police. I hope to continue on the battle vs the police against their unfair enforcement of traffic laws against unicyclists. Sugra will be attending Unicon!!!

Inspired by: an event that came to town when i was 13 and ther were poeple there doing unicycle sumo.

Inspired: my old school to get 6 unicycles and an intermediate school to get 20 unicycles

I was inspired by my friend at school who rode to school one day and was doing tricks and stuff. That and youtube.

And I’ve directly influenced one person to learn. As for indirectly, some guy drove up to me while I was riding one day and said his kid had started riding because he saw me practicing in my driveway.

And one day while I was leaving my neighborhood, I drove by a teenager next to a mail box with a unicycle! And it wasn’t the first person’s son either! I still don’t know where he lives (because our mailboxes are big and hold like 30 houses worth of mail)… It’s been my quest ever since to find out who he is and where he lives.

Inspired by a buddy in grade school (4th? 5th grade?) and I both asked for unicycles for Christmas. Can’t recall why, now. No matter. His parents bought him a 20" Schwinn (sweet). My parents bought me a 24" Montgomery Wards (kind of, but not entirely, a POS; about like a Torker CX). We learned together, though he was a little quicker on the uptake and that helped spur me to learn. We rode for a year or two, including parades and such. Learned to hop & idle, and that was about it.

I’ve taught all three of my sons to ride, and helped four undergrads from the university where I teach (though they had all begun riding before I ever met up with them and would have succeeded without intervention). Lots of mountain bike riders have expressed interest when they see us on the trails, but none have taken the initiative to contact me, even though I give out my contact info to them. Someday …

Yeah, this one did it for me:

6 months ago didn’t realise unicycling existed until I saw this vid on youtube. Instantly inspired me to buy a 24" to learn - now focus on riding 36er. Teaching two ladies how to ride their 24" unicycles. Another fine mess you got me into Terry :smiley: