Converting Nimbus to KH---Trials

Hey guys,

I’m slowly trying to convert my Nimbus Trials 20" into a KH.

My Nimbus is completely stock, so, what should I start with.

Keep in mind I’m content with my qu-ax cranks at the moment, so getting moments is not my first priority.

Well the biggest difference is the frame. But other than that, there are differences in the:

-Seat post

Someone else correct me if I’m wrong, but I think everything else is almost identical.

Is your seat well? Did you broke your base?

Maybe you should start switching your saddle and buying a CF base…

If your seat is ok, I would change the frame… It’s where you can save more weight…

Get a KH frame would be a good start :wink:

the only thing that i see which could really use a change is the seat and possssibly the frame. reinforce the seat, or get a cf, thats the first thing i did to my KH, i ripped the seat apart as soon as i got it and welded a plate to the seat stiffener… i would not shoot for KH either, if you want to upgrade, the only KH products you don’t already have (in principle) or have the upgrade of is the frame and rim… i would (and did) get the Koxx street rim.

TOO different! the shape is way better for street and trials… I’m a small guy and my hands are small, so with a bigger seat is harder to have control… Definetely the seat makes a LOT of difference!

I second this. Expensive but its really light. You’ll also need a new seat post if you do that.

Get a shim ;)… You’ll save some money, and if you’re riding CrMO you’ll not brake it so soon!

ooh! Ok… for sure there’s no difference between 2007 and 2008… I have both and are pretty the same!

PS: Acctualy Velo make the seat with small differences every new containers… Some have a small different foam in the top… some are a little bit smaller… At UNICON we compared and concluded that :smiley:

well, in addition to the KH frame and seat, i’d say get a KH wheel set, then the only thing left is pedals/cranks, and post

lol. Yeah, frame would be a good idea.

why would you get a kh rim over the nimbus? the few mm add a little stability, but he’s already got the hub.
that is a waste.
if you want a wider rim, get one you can’t destroy I.E. the Koxx street.

I didn’t recommend that he get the KH rim, only told him that there was a difference.

The frame, Seat and cranks are the only parts worth changing to KH, and maybe the rim.

I assume you mean the KH freeride seat?

So basically change to:

Seat (my seat now is fine so I’ll get the frame first. (although blue and red would look great together)

nimbus is better IMO, i didn’t break that one, but i broke the KH in the amount of time i rode the nimbus for.

Hungry4uni, I’m talking about the street seat, not the freeride.

If you’re talking about the nimbus frame being better, KH is noticably lighter and if it ever breaks it gets replaced by warrenty. The 08 ones shouldn’t break anyway.

If you’re talking about the seat, both seats are the same except for the foam and the KH foam is more comfortable and a better shape.

Should I wait until I break a part before getting the KH part?

Not if you want a KH frame.

If you WANT to upgrade, go with CF seat. It is the best thing you can do to/for your uni at this point. The seat is the first thing that will go on that uni (statistically).

Then when you want to make the jump to an aluminum frame get that and a new post/clamp.

I am not sure why you would not want to upgrade your cranks tho. that part alone is gonna make it ride more like a KH.

The reason that I don’t want to upgrade the cranks is because the cranks aren’t going to change my riding much. I’m considering getting Moments the next time my cranks break.

I’m gonna get a KH street fusion saddle for Christmas!

So, off the good new

I was wondering. Is the nimbus frame that much worse than the KH frame? Does it really make that much of a difference? I mean really?