Converting music

I’m trying to put music from my itunes onto windows movie maker. I know I don’t have the music in the right format, but what I need is instructions on how to convert it. I’m not very good at computers, so try to keep the vocabulary and difficulty level at a minimum level. Thanks in advance for your help.

Sorry I thought I put this in JC.

You need to brun it to CD(as music not a file) and rip it back onto your computer as a mp3.

What I do is create a seperate folder on my desktop for all the music I have, and I have Itunes, just when I want to play it.

Make a different folder, put it on your desktop, and click and drag the song you want from itunes, into that folder.

Finally, go to WMM, and import music, find the folder, find the song, and click import.

Yea, sorry if what I said is not what you need to do. I was under the impression it is music you purchased from itunes. If it is you will need to do what I said. Otherwise you should be able to import into movie maker by simply using the import file function.

Its music from a cd I have I put on itunes. Whenever I try to import it into wmm, it says I have it in the wrong format. I tried putting it in a different file but it doesn’t work.

You can convert files to MP3’s in Itunes. I can’t remember how though. Everything will read an MP3 file.

Ummmmm try searching in the searc for the music and there mite be a seperate folder with diffrent file types taht havent been imported into iTunes.

By default, when you import a cd into iTunes, it converts it to Apple’s format, which (surprise surprise) Windows Movie Maker probbaly can’t handle. If you go to iTunes preference’s, under “Importing” there is an option to choose what format to convert cd’s to. I set it to mp3, so I can use my music just about anywhere. I’m glad I did, 'cause my iPod died and I replaced it with a Sony Walkman, which won’t read Apple formatted files.

You’ll have to re-rip the cd after you change that setting.

Thank you so much evil-nick. Your idea worked perfectly. After you change that preference you don’t even have to re-rip the cd. You just right click on the song you want to convert and convert it to mp3. I recommend these instructions to anyone.

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