converting muni to trials/street

ok so im getting a mountain b*ke and i want to convert my MUni to a trials/street machine. Im thinking about putting a fireball tire on my torker Dx 24" what does everyone think about that. Any other suggestions are welcome.

Good idea. A 24 with fireball is a good change of pace uni. Keep the tire pressure high for street and lower for trials. Make sure you keep your muni tire around though!

what length of cranks are you going to use? I don’t even know if you would have to change them.

I just use my muni tire for trials and street, it works fine. when it gets worn out it still works, so I don’t think that’s a huge deal…

If anybody thinks I should be using a diff. tire, tell me. I’d be interested in what would be comparable. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like a fireball at all though, seems like it would be not so bouncy, and I like trials-style tires.

You could try a Kenda K-rad on you Muni for trials/street riding. Its got enough grip for trials but not too much so its great for street aswell.

Maxxis hookworm is really good for street, well at least i think that

Do not get the fireball, from what I’ve read its rather heavy and does not bounce well. I highly recommend the maxxis hookworm 2.5" tire. I ride the hookworm and it works very well for both trials and street riding. It’s pretty light and bounces really well.