Converting a Nimbus Trials to a Kris Holm Trials

I just ordered my Nimbus Trials ISIS 20" recently on the phone. The guy on the phone said if you upgrade the saddle and cranks its almost like a Kris Holm altho i know it wont be like as good as a Kris Holm but it will look better and be better.

Overtime I will probably do this
-upgrade to kris holm street gel saddle instead of nimbus streetgel
-upgrade to kh momens 137mm instead of the stock cranks
-upgrade the pedals to snafu or the other ones (i forgot their name) instead of dx alloy pedals
-paint my unicycle blue. well maybe…i dont know?..!

sounds good, upgrading the cranks is a deffinate, the kh ones are much stronger. not sure what the nimbus seats are like but the kh ones are good. dont know about painting it, its personal preference but if its done right it should look awesome

I personally prefer nimbus seats over KH seats, I’m ordering one for my KH

upgrade the cranks right away

I wouldn’t upgrade the saddle if I were you. It’s not all that much of an upgrade, just which one you think is more comfortable.

I like KH seats for everything more than nimbus. I upgraded the seat and cranks to KH on my nimbus. Are snafu pedals better than DX? DX look better to me but I’ve never used snafu

I have SNAFU pedals (got them at UDC christmas sale) and i dont like them that much - 8 big pins… light reflector things… just go with animal or Odyssey…

I would go with odyssey twisted plastics for pedals. A kh frame would be good too for tech street.

Alot of ppl have opinions of the street gel saddles an think judging by the picture and other peoples preferaces that the kh is better. the picture on udc of the nimbus street gel saddles just looks like a classic saddle and its more curved which I find a bit uncomfortable altho it has gel.

Yer Oddeysey pedals is what i wa thinking of. on the topic of pedals, ive found out that the dx alloy pedals are thin and the snafu pedals…im just hoping maybe they’ll be thicker but i mite stay with the dx alloy.

Well thats if i make enough money when i busk in adelaide (street performance where u get money=busk). I would like to upgrade to kh momens striat away btu even if i cant can get them some other time. the stock cranks should be good enuff cos i just a begginer at trials and street.

I’ve been trying to get some Odyssey Twisted Plastic pedals for some time know but there are none available in Adelaide that I can find. I have been to numerous shops and phoned just about everyone. There seems to be a problem with supply as many shops told me they have had them on back order for quite some time.