convertible bike to Uni Idea

I was just thinking of an Idea for a convertable bike to uni where the front forks of the bike are the frame for the uni. it the stearing for the bike would go into where the seatpost should go. when it goes to a uni you take the seat from the bike (witch will be a uni seat) and put it on, and to keep the axel from hitting stuff make it hollow and have the cranks slip into it (pretty much reverse of what it is now)

here is a ROUGH drawing of it: Reed Convertible bike/uni

I know there are probally some huge flaws I over looked so feel free two add your two cents to the Idea


it seems like a plausible idea. i dont see any problems with it.


i don’t see how you are going to have the cranks fixed to the hub? if there are no bearings it will wear done fairly quickly. most forks are curved at the bottom where the axel is placed so your weight is not gonna be directly over the wheel so there will be a fair amount of stress on the forks. but other than that it is a nice idea.

there are a few flaws with this idea, the seatpost will more than likely NOT fit in the forks, the axle will most likely not fit through the hub of the wheel, and it will be hard to attach

Im thinking of it more as the bike is build around a uni and would change to fit the uni, not the other way around. so it would still have the bearings, ane the head tube would probaly be smaller to fit into the seat post thing

Are you talking about something like this, The Uniqo “trick” bike?

been done, but in a different way

kinda what you area trying to do but with the uni in back.

yeah but those things don’t have the freewheel part like mine. :wink:

I’m pretty sure you could take your feet off the pedals and it would ‘freewheel’ just fine…well, about as fine as a penny farthing would, anyway.

i dont know about you guys, but if the forks are actually a unicycle frame, then i doubt there will be any problem with bearings and wearing down, and i can guarantee you that his saddle will fit in the frame.

i know for my bike and unicycle, that, the seatpost for the uni will fit in the forks of the bike and the handlebars of my bike will fit on my uni frame perfectly.

yea but on a bike the axle of the wheel doesn’t spin. the hub spins on the bearings around it. if you attach cranks to the axle then the axle will need to spin on the forks and there aren’t any bearings there. thats the problem. and there is no guarantee that the seat post will fit in the forks. because seat posts are made in heaps and heaps of different diametres. they can be .2 of a millimetre off and they won’t fit in. if it does fit in usually it means it is a coincidence.

yeah but you would leave the bottom of the forks of the uni frame as they are now, with a unicycle hub in there, and just take the cranks off and whack them on the bike as you need to. it’s not rocketscience dumbass.

i can guarantee you his seatpost will fit in the unicycle frame, because when you buy a unicycle they come with the right seatpost to fit.

he is converting a bike to a uni, not a uni to a bike, therefore he is not buying a uni at all. there fore the seat is unlikely to fit in the forks. dumbass! its not rocket science.

actually, i bought a bike a few years ago, and a unicycle a few months ago, and they fit perfectly.

explain that one nasa boy

i said it was UNLIKELY to fit. it is still possible for them both to fit. is that enough explaining for you.

okay, where’s your evidence that it is unlikely, i havent seen you post statistics and percent chance it wont.

well, i have tried it before, it didn’t fit. all seat posts come indifferent sizes. heaps and heaps of different sizes. like theres 24.0, 24.2, 24.4, 24.6…27.4,27.6, 27.8 and all the sizes in between. so if you pick a set of forks and a seat post at random they are unlikely to be the same size.

i think mr reed here is a smart guy and has figured out he’s gunna get the same size, what do you reckon tom?

thats one of the minor issues, the bigger issue being swapping cranks from a bike to a uni, you’ve got a spider and cogs on the cranks, those dont go on a unicycle very well.

you can get two left cranks and get your local bike shop to change the thread around on one of the cranks. not many peopel know that can be done but the bike shop guys should do it for you for fairly cheap.

yeah but how are you gunna do that so that it can still use a chain to drive the bicycle?