Whats up. I have a yuni 3x24-inch wheel MUni. I want to get a trials wheel set to put on it. First of all, is this possible? secongd, if it is, which one will be able to fit?

those dyno fireblls are cool, they are a 3x24 too

the fatass is also a 3" slick, and almost halfprice of the Fireball

are those wheel sets? (pedals, cranks, ect…)

those would just be tires

I’ve said it before,and I’ll say it again, “If it ain’t a Fireball, it ain’t”.

is it better to get a wheel set, or just buy seperate parts?

what is your existing wheelset?

if you only need rubber, just get rubber. if you have a sucky wheel, go ahead and upgrade it :slight_smile:

right now i have a big chunky 3x24 inch Muni tire and i want to take that off and put a trials 20 inch wheel set on it. I was wondering if this was possible

You’re gonna need some badass tire levers…:wink:

no i mean like a new actual wheel

for all the troubble why not just get a trials unicycle?

I’m doing the same thing. I have a KH24 that doesn’t get any use. For the winter I’m going to build it up with a 20" rim/tire and use it in the basement when the temp drops too much. I don’t see why a Yuni wouldn’t work, just make sure you use the correct size bearings and shorter cranks.

anyone have a recemmondation? for a good trials uni?

yea, dirtsufer
thats exactly what i want to do. What did you get in terms of wheels and tires?

                                                                                          I'm going to cut my Profile hub down and relace it with a 19" Arrow racing rim and 145 MM cranks, still waiting for the Monte tire though.