Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars

Thats why you gotta ride you uni EVERYWHERE you go, who needs to walk anyways?

ive only had 2 wear one shoe for the past like 6 weeks maybe more becouse my injury so the other one is lonley…i feel bad for all my right foot converses…soon my friends soon

If it’s your favorite pair of shoes you shouldn’t wear just one of them. They will wear unevenly. And Convrse Wear otu extremely quickly. If oyu’re wearing them everyday they won’t last you more than 6 months before they are fallign apart.

Plus agian they have very poor arch support so they are terrible for walking around on hard surfaces all day.

They do seem ideal for freestyle–I wish I could fit them. My feet are too wide on the end, as is the problem with fitting most shoes.

Dont converse have a wide fitting shoe? or do those not even fit?

The converse site doesn’t mention a wide version, but I doubt it’d fit my heel anyways. My feet are narrow at the heel and wide at the end. Shoe shopping is no fun.

For the arch support, just buy some gell inserts, not the crappy ones that just go in the back, but ones that replace the entire bottom of the shoe, that what i use and it makes walking in my cons a dream, i prefer walking in my cons with my insoles in them then any other shoe i have ever worn.

i dont know but they look cool:D

my shoes

Tis my street unicycling shoes, but they are getting small on my feet. Dorfman, where do you get custom converses? I’m thinking I’m wanting my next pair to have a yellow skull with cross bones on them. Anyways, there are the best I’ve used for street unicycling.

For off-road, I live in Saudi Arabia, so it means soft sand, or bumpy rocks.

For bumpyness I use big padded felxible Nikes (Nike Dunks), like so:

For sand, if any of you have to deal with that, I like Nike Prestos, flexible light slip-on shoes: