Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars

After getting my new freestyle uni this week I decided it was time to get some proper footwear. I had remembered a few vague recommendations for the Converse Chuck Talyor Allstar shoes so I went down to Factory Brand Footwear and purchased the cheapest pair, $19.99. I must say these shoes are the perfect freestyle unicycling shoes. They are very minimal so you are able to have a nice feel of your unicycle. My ability to wheelwalk improved leaps and bounds with the help of these, coming from a pair of Oakley skate shoes. Your foot is able to bend to the curve of the wheel giving you wonderful traction and control. These shoes are also wonderful for one footed and stand up skills as your foot is able to fit much closer to the seat tube.

I highly recommend these for anyone interested in freestyle unicycling.

i use converses for every thing they are by far my favorite shoes

They probably aren’t very healthy for your feet for every day use because they dont have much arch support but I love them for unicycling.

Heres my pair of Cons that i wear and love =p


Nice, heres mine:

mine are blue with white pinstripes. classy!

Mine are bright red. They work great for freestyle, but along with my freestyle pedals, I don’t have much grip on the pedals, so it can be awkward to do fast distance in them.

That is the one thing I did notice, grip with the freestyle pedals is not as great as it could be although that is one tradeoff im willing to take.

i dun have a picture but mine have a story behind them they were given to me by a guy i respect alot and he lost them and then found them in a salvos store months later he brought them and gave them to me they are black and they have flames on them

                         i wouldnt mind a pair of fluro green cons tho

ha i beat all of you…i costomed created mine on the internet, they are awsome

I can’t wear converses, my feet are too fat.

Maybe, but you also payed three times as much as me!

they are! in the words of Mr Kipling (slighly altered) “they are exceedingly good shoes”

i have to many pairs to tell all the pairs i have. for the arch problem i am thinking about geting some support things for it

yea but i think it was worth it 2 own one pair of awsome custom converses…

but yes converses are great not only becouse the look cool but unless there like supa spiffy there pretty cheep

these r the ones that i wear every day all the time (exeped lacrosse pratice)


Those look pretty cool, but anarchy and peace? How does that work?

i DONT think i want to know:D

For anyone interesting in this kind of thing, no sweat apparel sells a sweatshop-free, union-made knockoff. I got a pair of the red ones on sale, came to $30 with shipping. Not that bad on your wallet or conscious:)

They are good for unicycling but agressive for your foot when you are walking on the street