{convention} euc winter - wuko

here’s a small review of the euc winter


– bobousse

Wow! :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t wait for the full version!

it’s the full version
it’s pretty short but anyway here it is…

Wow, this sport is progressing quickly…

wow, that was quick! i still don’t even know where my camera is haha…
nice vid!

wow really cool video and the editing was good too in so a short time;)

nice clips + great editing:D

Oops, I read preview instead of review :D. But still great vid! :wink:

I really liked this.
Thiabult’s fifthvarial is actually one now.
Adrien’s underflip looked really nice. Same with his 900
Loic’s flip at 2:50 was huge! :astonished: And then his grind-flip-grind is so sweet! Quad is still amazing. Did he ever nail it down the 5?

Any news on the results?

Wanted to see more of krisz…

mmmmmm Thibault’s style is soooo good.

I’m stil waiting to see loics flip-catch-flip

The music was annoying.

But the riding was pretty awesome. I so wish I was there!

And that 5 set didn’t exactly seem legit but w/e. (seemed maybe a bit low, though i could be mistaken)

Pele, I measured my favourite steps and we built them to the exact specifications. They are about 16cm high and 30 cm long each. They felt extremely natural to ride up to and hop down. I think all the riders were more pleased with these steps than in any other competition. There was also a 7 set in the finals for the street.

Ah ok I must just subconsciously be jealous that Thibault can flip up a 5 then :stuck_out_tongue:

I apologize for my self-centered ignorance!

Yeah Thibault is pretty dam impressive man.

krisz and loic naild quad down 5set
i liked the thing were loic grinded and did treyflip out of grinding

awesome vid the convetion was awesome

Aw, Loic is growing up. He used to be so small haha.

That video was awesome though, everyone’s riding was insane.

daaaaaaang son…feeling so behind the game haha

amazing riding. wish i coulda been there

There were some awesome tricks in there! And a huge varial flip that was atleast semi clean. Also good to see Kevin McMullin!

That was awesome, wish I could of been their.