Conundrum, Hatchet.. Esq custom build

Since I started unicycling last March I have slways lo ex the look of a fat tyred unicycle like the Surly Conundrum and the Nimbus Hatchet.
Unfortunately the Conundrum is no longer made and the Hatchet hasn’t been available for a while either.

What do you do when nothing you like is available??? Well you have a ho at making one yourself… Maybe not???.. Well I have and here is the not quite finished result… Got it looking like a unicycle this evening.

This was achieved by modifying a pair of Surly Pugsley forks and a seat post out of a cheap bike with a 25.4mm seat post size. Bearing clamps from UDC. UK, a Nimbus 125mm wide disc steel hub, Surly Large Marge 36 hole rim and Halo double butted spokes finished of with some orange alloy nipples.
It will have to do until the Hatchet becomes available I guess once I get a tyre and some ISIS cranks for it.



There’s a basically new 26" Hatchet for sale in San Diego for $600.

Thanks for the ad for the Hatchet.

Small problem is that I am in the UK and I only need the frame not the whole unicycle.


Looks good, having the cantilevered frame I would be concerned my weld seams may fail. That would be if I did the welding, I’m not questioning your skills.


I understand your concern for the cantilever and my welding, one of mine also but I will try it out and see how it goes. I won’t be doing anything wild with it as I am not that skilled on a unicycle yet, be simply rolling around pavements and possibly the beach.
I did think of adding a smaller diameter tube loop from the underside of the cantilever near the seat post to the bearing cups vertically but I ran out of gas for my welder so it will have to wait for now.
All a bit of an experiment at the moment so won’t be too upset of the welds crack.


I’m not a fan of the hatchet, but I like DIY projects and your execution of it.

Same. I love seeing people’s DIY projects even if personally a hatchet isn’t my type of unicycle.