control of unicycles (fwd)

I’ve found an interesting variation between different types of those cheap nasty
Taiwan brand unicycles. I’ve ridden the nasty ones with plastic wheels and the
nasty ones with spoked wheels, and the plastic ones seem to have more control
when hovering. I’m not sure why. I thought it could have been crank arm length,
but they’re exactly the same length. Being a physics student, I guess it has
something to do with the distance from the centre of the wheel to the point at
which you push down. Does anybody know anything about the relative “widths” of
unicycles and their cranks and pedals? Obviously, the further way from the
centre of the wheel your cranks are, the less control you will have because your
pedalling will cause the unicycle to tilt a lot. Has anybody else noticed this
problem with Taiwan cycles???

Nicholas price The juggler with the double jointed
eyeballls. "-)

Re: control of unicycles (fwd)

I find my uni (tiwanese) to be more controlable than most other uni’s… Ewan

PS. It’s spoked…