Content Quality on the Forum

For the record, I never asked for this to be a sticky. I also don’t pretend to be an authority. I was just frustrared by the direction of the forum and spoke my mind. I agree with points made by podzol and others here.

Unfortunately, this statement is based on your assumption that everyone has those qualities to begin with. I sincerely believe that the overwhelming majority of our memebers do possess those qualities. And then, of course, there are those very young forum members who may still be developing communication skills, and some may inadvertantly, or at least not intentionally, post something that may offend some, or be construed as silly, immature, etc. Of course, those members who are NOT so young, yours truly included, have been guilty of silly posts as well.

I, for one, welcome ALL opinions, suggestions, critiques, reviews, etc, etc, from EVERYONE on this forum, and would never want to censor or regulate what someone wants to contribute to our forum, with the exception of blatant profanity, spam and/or non-unicycle related topics.:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: :sunglasses:

Call me crazy

You know, I have seen this time and time again. We all come to a forum to discuss whatever the heck is on our mind. We aren’t all coming here to ask questions, mostly just to read what’s going on with others and have some communication with like minded individuals.

And then, along come people like PDC and others on every other forum I’ve ever been to, that for some reason think that they are coming here for a job or something. They must think that they are getting paid to read only valid questions and then answer or find someone that can answer that one question, and then, bam, thread closed.

The reality of the matter is that we come here to HAVE FUN. So, if a thread goes off topic even in the “don’t go off topic or we’ll hunt you down and kill you and your family” section of the forum, then so damn well be. There is absolutely NO REASON why not to discuss whatever the hell we all want to discuss, no matter how off topic, or silly, or stupid, or wrong it may be.

It’s like someone comming up to you in the park and telling you to stop saying what you’re saying because it is wrong.

I personally think that this forum has a lot LESS of people just discussing things than I would like it to have. So, if you don’t like people talking the way that they want to talk, STOP COMMING HERE!

I only made it a sticky temporarily, just so everyone will see it. The purpose of RSU is to share unicycling information. If what you have to say adds no real value to the thread, then it’s probably not worth posting. Remember that every post you make, while it might not take you long to write, many many people will read it and if it’s not useful to the rest of the thread, then a lot of people just wasted their time reading a useless post.

So, please think before you post and think of how useful your post will be to those who will read it.

can other people make threads sticky or only you? Can we post a “lol” if someone posts somehting really really funny in RSU?

Wow, this is the first sticky I have seen on this thread! Except for the one in the Trading Post, and the Article Forum.

I agree though, In the RSU section, I like to see detailed explinations, and well written up reports and discussions about products and helpfull advice for learning. Of course you can still have fun, but sometiems it seems like there is too much.

In JC is where I like all the funny ha-ha lol ROFLMAO!!! omg!! roxz0rz!!! stuff, but in JC you can have well written up stuff too, but in RSU it seems like it would be more serious.

RSU = Unicylcing workshop, very good info, but still fun.
JC = Getting together for a ride with friends, fun, random, but serious when the time calls for it.

Thats kinda how I see it.

That’s quite a stupifying dissertation from someone with a whopping 5 posts to his credit. Or did you just create a new account so you could throw some fuel on the fire without being recognized?

You should also know that comming is not a word, and typing it in all caps doesn’t change that. If you’re going to fling out so many words, shouldn’t they at least be spelled correctly?

I used to race sailboats with a local group. They have a forum for discussing sailboat racing topics. We used to chatter on the forum and have a great time. The upper dudes made rules that said “only use this forum for serious sailing topics”. No arguing or talking about the Blues festival… Sailing topics only!! It used to be a lively, interesting, vibrant forum that kept the members connected and informed. It was a hoot. But now…its a snoozer. Very dry and painfully boring. Very few posts in comparison to the good ole days.

I think these things take care of themselves. There are certain names on these forums that I just don’t pay attention to. Others have earned (with me at least) a respectable reputation.

I try not to suffer the fools at all. Sometimes I’m suckered in. Its not a big deal. But like the boy who cried wolf, they eventually work they’re way out of my “pay any attention to” list. Its too bad. They might at times have something of value to say but it won’t be seen because they’ve built a reputation of uselessness. Maybe they’ll grow up.

(To clarify: I try not to suffer the fools. However, I try to make time for the Fule)



How fortuitous for this discussion that thread on skill measurement. I like silly and juvenile. I spend a lot of time there. (And Harper’s the best.) But sometimes I miss the “Report post to Gilby” button we used to have?

Re: Content Quality on the Forum

On Wed, 21 Jun, Gilby <> wrote:
> Mikefule wrote:
> > This thread is no pehaps more than a general request to post with
> > consideration, common sense and tact. Could Gilby arrange a simple,
> > friendly, welcoming, sticky, single-post, no replies “Forum
> > guidelines” post?
> I only made it a sticky temporarily, just so everyone will see it.

But remember that whatever you do on your forum, not everyone rgar you
see on your forum will see it - you can’t make a sticky newsgroup
posting, and you can’t oblige their newsreader to display anything.

regards, Ian SMith

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I hope you will replace it someday with a permanent one that offers “guidelines” of how to use this forum, and what it’s for. Some of the above would be great to include, along with some general guidelines on forum etiquitte, when to be silly, and when to let an informational thread stay that way.

For example, rule #1 could be:

Along with the background information you could have:

Now, in answer to some of the complainers in this particular thread, not all posts need to be about loctite, or crank arms, or which Trials uni (for the thousandth time) is best. But the ones that are, especially the ones that have useful information people may want to use as a reference, should be respected and kept on-topic. When useful threads go off-topic, future readers often stop reading when it drifts away, only to never find out the topic was picked up again later on with more useful information.

There’s a place for frivolous and fun posts as well. If people really wanted to, they could indicate the type of thread by using more than three words in the subject line.

(Here’s a suggestion for maybe Rule #2) Thread titles should be whole sentences. If your thread title is four words or less, it probably could use some beefing up. Also, please proofread your thread titles before hitting the Submit button. Typos look especially bad in subject lines and can make people ignore your thread, even if it’s a good one.

The reason we don’t separate “fun” posts from “ride report” posts and “riding/maintenance tip” posts is that we’re an outgrowth of, which is a single newsgroup. We like keeping it all together and I’m fine with that. But Gilby has, in his wisdom, added several side-forums for specific stuff, and that’s great. Especially Just Conversation, which is where you put stuff that’s not about unicycling. If it’s about unicycling, whatever it is, it’s probably okay in the main forum, but if you’re not sure, you might want to start it in JC.

Gilby, please consider adding a permanent sticky to the top of this forum, containing recommended guidelines for how to use it. We could develop it together as a group if you like.

awww… please don’t stop everyone making daft comments on the forum. It keeps us entertained in the office. :slight_smile:

Our favourite one is where people ask for suggestions on the most appropriate product. They then get an instant reply recommending a specific item. You then get the admission from them that they don’t actually have this product… and in fact have never used one… actually, have never even seen one… but is still the best.

Could we please have a daft quota?


Yeah. I win. I think we should have stinky posts as well as sticky posts.

I like Daft posts as well…I smell a but…

but… as Mr. Foss so aptly put it; “Now, in answer to some of the complainers in this particular thread, not all posts need to be about loctite, or crank arms, or which Trials uni (for the thousandth time) is best. But the ones that are, especially the ones that have useful information people may want to use as a reference, should be respected and kept on-topic.”

How to make the forum better.


  • How about having a seperate thread where new threads pend until they're approved or deleted by one of the "experienced riders".
  • We don't need all of these fancy colours or font sizes. I request that they're removed immedietly.
  • Young people are innarticulate and childish and make spelling mistakes. A minimum age limit should be imposted on the forum. I suggest 35-40. 20 year olds just drink all day anyway.
AndyC. [/LEFT]

This title will be what ever the shell I want it to!

I’ve got two posts next to each other so everyone can plainly see I’m joking with the first one (and not get confused by this one!)

I thought JJtheunicycle’s post was very funny! It relieved some of the tension of the thread and made me laugh. It was a helpful input to this thread (at least for me!).

Who decides what’s helpful and what’s not?

I’m very suspicious of all of this new found authority on thread control.

  • If someone thinks that Profile hubs are the best, and they're asked for their opinion... [I]Can't they give it?[/I]
No doubt it would be more helpful to everyone for that person to explain why they hold their opinion but it's an open forum!
  • If someone wants to show that they find a post humourous... [I]Let them! Even if it is just a "LOL" post. [/I]If it hurts you too much to read a few letters of someone expressing their delight in someone elses statement.A forum might not be the best place for you :).

How does the number of posts he’s sent come into anything?! You foolchild! There! Flame me because I’m not articulate enough to explain my critisizm of that post! I dare you!

“Allow experienced riders and mechanics to draw conclusions.”
[LEFT]Who’s gonna decide who’s allowed to draw conclusions? PDC? Gilby?[B] Can’t I have an opinion?!

In conclusion, I agree with Podzol and Mikefule. [SIZE=2]Everyone else is wrong except when I say so. :slight_smile:



Read critically; buyers beware.

How did you do that? The post is useful advice fom an expert, but it only four words! Get it off RSU before the UUU (Utilitarian Unicycling Union) get it first, hurry!!!

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