Content Quality on the Forum

It seems like this forum is developing a lot of threads that either state unfounded or unproven issues as facts. While it’s good to state experiences with equipment, generalizations from one time experiences and then speculation and input from inexperienced posters leads to erroneous information presented to the community.

*Torker DX bearings are weak, they crack and fail.
*Koxx Hubs are the best
*Profile Hubs are the best

  • New KH Hubs are the best

  • Old KH Hubs are the best
    *Alex DX32 rims aren’t good
    *There are many others that don’t come to mind

    My suggestions would be to state facts. If you don’t know something for sure don’t make a speculative post. Allow experienced riders and mechanics to draw conclusions. As always, if you don’t have something to contribute other than a “LOL”, don’t post. I myself am guilty of some pretty frivolous posts, and it’s good to keep humor in the forum. It’s just that there seems to be so much “fluff” to dig through before finding any meaningful content. There is a wealth of well researched knowledge right behind the “search” button.

    This post isn’t intended to offend anyone. Just a reminder to be thoughtful before posting, and make meaningful contributions to the community. This forum has been a tremendous resource for me personally and I’ve watched the “content” of the forum digress. I’d love to see that trend reverse itself.


Yeah, like all the posts saying you must have splined cranks / brakes / airfoil rim / gears / posh handles / $200 carbon fibre seats etc. when people are asking about a basic unicycle that would probably be fine for what they’re doing and might not have £1000 to spend.


This bears repeating. Over and over. Shout it from every rooftop.

IMHO, pdc’s post should be made a forum sticky. A newcomer to this forum wouldn’t know how to sift through the plethora of amateur’s opinions and find solid advice… how else are we to maintain the integrity of this forum than through user education and self-policing? I agree with every word of pdc’s post, hope others will respect his words, and do their part to maintain the quality of information on this forum.

20" bc’s suck.
yeah there are alot of these

Lol! That Will Be My Last

Well its true.

pdc youve said the b word on here before…i dont cuss but it stated with a b and.thats worse in my mind than a harmless poss/topic…but whatever.

First of all, I’m aware that I am not blameless in making frivolous or other unnecessary posts. I was addressing individuals who make numerous “contentless” posts, or posts that are giving innacurate or unproven information. I guess my above rant was just for us all to think about what we are posting. This forum is like a structure that we are all building. A Library, a wealth of information. Let’s make it a good structure and a valuable accessable Library.


ps - I apologize if I have used language that offended anyone.

Experienced riders and mechanics?

Would you please define or include a list of the individuls who have attained these illustrious PDC rankings and are therefore allowed to post suggestions? The rest of us will know that opinions are no longer welcome on this forum?

I think I’m just gonna hang out in JC where it’s not so pretentious.

Sounds like a suggestion far worse for the fora than rep points to me.

podzol, I think you are great and I am looking forward to meeting you and Bear in Memphis, but I also think you are being a little hard on pdc. I think he is trying to make this forum a more helpful place and discourage some of the silly stuff. We have a forum for community building (JC). And I think some of the silliness often slides over into RSU and fills it with less than helpful info. I agree that the comment about leaving it to the experts and mechanics was over the top, but I think the essence of his comments are valid.

And for the love of God, please don’t call me pretentious as well. In my weakened condition, it may put me over the edge. :smiley:

From time to time, someone tries to rein in the worst excesses of the forum. I’ve done it myself before.

I’d say let’s not sit too heavily on the banter from the younger and newer members. This forum should be a friendly place. Not everything should be factual or dry or completely original. People come here to express their enthusiasm for and love of the sport too. I do it by writing interminable essays; others do it by writing “LOL”.

However, I’d be pretty firm on:

  • No swearing or abuse please.
  • No personal insults or attacks please.
  • No trolling please. (I find a polite request for people not to troll never works!)
  • On technical threads, please give accurate advice based on knowledge and experience, not hearsay.
  • If you're in a position to give advice, try to tailor it the experience and needs of the person asking. [LIST]
  • If you are old, you don't have to be grumpy. But it sometimes helps
. [/LIST]

What he said: He’s much more eloquent than I.

I don’t get it, what’s the puzzle?

Of course, I would not call any individual pretentious, but a forum that has a sticky like that right at the top is going to really discourage new riders and has a pretentious air about it. It’s just obnixous. NOT pdc, but the post is obnixious. If there is a consensus among the long standing members that quality control on rec sport is a must, well then perhaps a sticky that is carefully crafted to be both welcoming and directing would be in order. If I were a newbie, I’d seriously hesitate to post on a forum with a sticky like that. Now I’ve been on the fora only about a year, so perhaps I have no right to an opinion here. :wink:

Sorry you’re feeling ill. I didn’t know you were under the weather! Feel better soon, Jethro. :o I’m still recovering from my shoulder surgery last month.

I don’t like stickys at the top of forums.

You have to be very careful before you start telling people what not to post.

Not that the thread is unhelpful, but expecting it to be at the top of the forum all the time? No thanks.

I’m with podzol.


Awesome thread …

Re: Content Quality on the Forum

On Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Jethro <> wrote:
> I think he is trying to make this forum a more helpful place and
> discourage some of the silly stuff. We have a forum for community
> building (JC).

This isn’t purely a web forum - it’s a usenet newsgroup that a
particular website chooses to present as a forum (or, depending upon
your point of view, a gateway for teh forum users to the newsgroup).

Newsgroup users see no other forum.

Users of other gateways (google groups, for example) may not see the
other forums either.

regards, Ian SMith

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On reflection, I’m not sure it should be a sticky thread. It would be better for it to be bumped to the top when needed, or for a new similar thread to be started when needed. If a sticky is needed, it should be a simple single post with no string of “Me too” posts following it. A sort of “Welcome to our club” sort of thing.

Unfortunately, many people of all ages and backgrounds seem to need reminding from time to time that forums like this are public spaces, and that what they write may be read by strangers of all ages and backgrounds around the world.

This thread is no pehaps more than a general request to post with consideration, common sense and tact. Could Gilby arrange a simple, friendly, welcoming, sticky, single-post, no replies “Forum guidelines” post?

I see where pdc is coming from. Everybody on here either says “oh yeah Kh hubs are the best”, or “No those suck” with no evidence or experience with the product. It’s getting pretty stupid. It would be very hard for a noob to come on here and get an accurate conclusion about a product.

Most people talk crap about something they havn’t even used before! Then others just say things are crap from what others have told them or from what they hear. Even from pics of something that has broke. They dont know how it broke and just think “oh those must be cheap and junky.” So i think the only ppl that should post about a product whether its good or bad are the ones who have used or been with someone that has used the product.