Contempt for Unicycles!

I agree w/you John, maybe I just need to give it more time and patience, and let them see that we are more alike than they realize. :slight_smile:

This looks like a good place to give a plug for Tommy from Memphis. This link will give some extra details.

The race involved a 3-mile run, 6-mile off-road ride then a 1-mile run. The bicyclists had a 5 minute headstart over the unicyclists so the one-wheelers would not “get in the way”. Team-Thompson beat about 40 bicyclists. (In the interest of fairness, most of the bicyclists did their own running, some were old enough to be retired and Tommy’s son was a state-level high school track runner.) Tommy made up the 5-minute deficit and passed some of the bikes. It was great hearing Tommy’s stories about passing people on their bicycles.

for the last 2 septembers we’ve had a muni team at a local 24 hr. mtn bike race. never had any negative comments from any of them. but i do get out of their was when they come up behind me. 3/4 of them will politely wait behind me and talk on decents or climbs that they’re much faster on.

As for beating bikes on trails, I think that unis are a LOT better than bikes at technical stuff. I know that at moab I had about the same average speed as a big group of MTBers. I’d overtake them on technical stuff and uphills, then they’d blow me away on the flats, I’d catch them, etc. It was really cool, actually.

As for contempt, all the bikers I know respect me. I don’t ride with them, but we ride the same places and meet sometimes, and they respect me then. I respect them too, I think they’re SO much more extreme than me.

I got the privilege of meeting Tommy and Rody Thompson a couple of weeks ago. They welcomed us into their home and were so cool to be around.