Contemplating a Hatchet next

Hi there, currently own a Nimbus Oracle 29" which I use for riding around light trails etc. I don’t ride as much as I’d want to but I’m finding as with any activity if you don’t use it enough the skills fade. As such I gravite towards the easier stuff each time I ride and as such my rusty manoeuvres just don’t improve.

Originally I started out on a steel framed 26" Nimbus Muni which I rode lots and my where I essentially cut my teeth on all the basics I know now. The 26" became unused and as such I decided to let that it go in favour of a larger wheel.

As per the title I’m thinking about investing in a smaller wheel at least as an alternative to bring back some confidence. I’ve considered the Hatchet in the past but for one reason or another I opted for a 29" as I thought it would be the best compromise between covering distance and off-road ability.

I’m returning to my thoughts about getting a Hatchet as I like its looks and compliments about it’s offroad ability. Initially I thought the 26" one looked good but I’m put off by the seemly impossiblilities of getting hold of a replacement tyres should I ever need them as no one in the UK appears to sell them. However the 27.5" Hatchet looks to fit the bill and have considered this could be a better option (?). I won’t venture to a 29" as it seems pointless since I already have the Oracle.

I can’t find much in the way of folks who own a 27.5" Hatchet on here, or maybe they enjoy them that much that are too busy to post about them.

What are your thoughts?


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The hatchet is specifically made to be able to run fat tires. A fat 27.5" (3.8" or similar) is almost same diameter as a 29"-3.0. So you are really not getting a smaller wheel - but obviously a very different wheel that can run at very low pressure offroad. If you are not interested in fat wheels the hatchet seems a bit pointless to me (except for the cool looks!) as you could just as well get a 27.5" wheel built and mount it in your existing 29" Oracle frame and save money and weight. You could even reuse the hub if you want.