Contact for Scott Wallis?

Does anyone have a contact for Scott Wallis? I tried emailing him (email from his website) a long while back about the Road Relief saddle and haven’t heard back, so Im wondering if I am using a dated email address.


Well, he lurks around the forums so you might catch him with this post.



If you emailed me and I didn’t answer you, I am sorry. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with email. The correct address is scott -at-, and there is an email link at the bottom of my posts.

My RoadRelief saddles are very tedious to fabricate in their current form. I quit taking orders for them a couple of months ago so that I could catch up, redesign, retool, and start producing them in a more efficient manner. I am making good progress and there are some really cool things coming up. I have to balance my unicycle component business with my industrial projects, and sometimes the uni stuff has to wait for a while. Also, there are many new products I want to bring out, but the more time I put into new component development, the less I am able to put into production, and vice-versa. I plan to be able to keep up much better in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

My individual components like seatbases, handles, bumpers, brake levers, brake mounts, etc. are somewhat more available. It is the complete saddles that are held up currently.


Thanks, that answers my question. I was going to see if I could get a RR saddle before January for my NZ trip, but I will hold off.