Construction Yard Trials

Lately since theyve been making those new houses down the street i have been heading over to the construction yard to setup trials. Its great fun and i am progressing my skills i have mastred a 1 foot vertexed teeter toter that is thinner than the average curb and sometimes am able to do some nice pedal grabs from a block to another block. My elbow is healing nicely and i am back to full confidence. The scary part is all the nails on the ground. I dont want to bust a tube. A few of the neighbor hood boys and i went down and they were pretty amazed to see these feats of super catboy stregnth. so were the workers as they jabbered back and forth on top the roofs as they were nailing o whatever. I hope to have our vid up(new and improved soon all i have to do is digitise it with my friends little dvd form vhs thing and copy it on to the comp and fix it up with some text and junk.

See-saws are great fun. Was it fixed in place or just sitting loose? If it wasn’t loose, you should try it because then the plank will slide left or right while you’re in the middle. It’s great.


I c’ant agree more. I love doing trial in construction areas. Also, There is a very large pile of dirt, just down the street from me, and off on one side of it, there’s hundreds of rocks. From about the size of you head, to 6ft, by 6ft square! These are all frozen into the dirt (-20 here) so they d’ont move. there are countless lines on these rocks, going up, or down, and you never get bored. it’s the ultimate trials playground!

Enjoy you construction trials riding (oh, and i live in a brand new subdivision, so i’m surrounded:D )