Constructing trials obstacles

I saw some trials obstacles in Andrew’s gallery that he most likely made. I was wondering where i could possibly find some more examples of other constructed trials obstacles and maybe how to build them the best way possible.

I really have no experience with building things. so any helf you have i would like to hear.

The MONDO Gallery has some good pics.

I just grab some stools and stuff from our backyard and put em together. If you’re talking about building with wood and stuff, I just take some good blocks of wood and saw them down to me size and glue them together with super-super-glue my dad uses in his woodshop, it works pretty good. You could probably find some unused stuff around your house/apartment/whatever with some good wood and obstacles, and use the usually-computing-related-term “cut and paste” method. :slight_smile:

I dunno, I’m kinda bad with explaining inunderstandable stuff… heh heh…

Already made stuff works great - like large electical cable spools and a stack of palets. I got a huge stack of palets for free at the palet company and they threw-in several sheets of cut-to-fit plywood for the top palet. A 2X6 or 2X8 board makes a great titter-totter and/or ramp. I recommend using a drill and screws to secure the ramp to whatever you are ramping up to/over.

Have fun, wear your pro!

Don’t forget to try hopping up a ladder (on a small angle), it’s great fun. Construction sites are great for supplies. I’m not talking about stealing or anything like that…they often have good stuff in the rubbish bins.

Good luck,

Don’t forget your local Council Clean-up (Household Clean-up).
You never know what they have been in their yards or sheds.
Kooper Logs is one of them and some old Pallets too. Andrew scored some Old spools he’d saved. You should see it. Another place you should find some is your local rubbish site’s. (Rubbish Tip’s) I got Kopper logs in the backyard and I still trying to ride on the Half round log. But it’s fun to me and I nearly laugh myself.
Have Fun.


Well, actually I found the three cable spools in the bin at school.


Funny you mention that Andrew. I nearly scored some spools back in April but they were gone by the time I turn around and drive back to them. It was gone in minutes…! Gee if I only had a Box Trailer with me. Besides my Father’s Subaru Liberty hasn’t got a Towbar fitted. I should’ve borrow his Ford Falcon Ute. (Pick-up U.S.) I ended up scoring Computers on the clean up and some Logs too. Another one’s in October this year. I’ll be hunting by then.


I also liked the Stairs of Death by Mr. UniBrier himself. A simple yet effective design that I may end up copying.

Klaas Bil

Regarding how I got the Memphis Unicycle Club’s trials spool for free is sort of a funny story.

I knew where there was a huge electrical cable distributor and acres of spools (with and without cable). While driving with my 14 year old daughter I decided to see if we could buy a spool for the club. Driving past several signs that said “No Entrance – Employees Only” my daughter kept saying, “Dad were are NOT supposed to be in here!” None-the-less, I ignored even more sign posted on the building and proceeded in to the building. My daughter refused to get out of the truck and go into the building with me.

A guy spotted me, yelled at me in a demeaning and demanding way and was walking briskly, aggressively toward me. Then, as if by magic, his body language and verbal tone changed abruptly and said, “Yes sir, what can I do for you?” I explained that I was looking for an empty spool. Then he was SO accommodating and showed me several that would not even fit into my truck that I could HAVE (as in FREE!) and said that I could pick out what ever I wanted. I picked one and he even loaded in my truck for me! I thanked him profusely and got back into the truck to find my daughter hiding with embarrassment. I said that I was shocked that he was SO nice to me. She then said, “It might be because of your jacket.” Years ago I had purchased at a thrift store a Carhart jacket that had an embroidered “Memphis Light Gas and Water – Supervisor” logo on it. Geez, this warehouse worker assumed that I was his company’s BEST customer and I had totally forgotten that I even had the jacket on. So, my $5 thrift store treasure investment from years ago is still yielding dividends – and keeping me warm!

I recently rode on and took pictures of what I called “Lloyd’s Toys.” That’s Lloyd Johnson of Truckee, CA. He built most of the obstacles shown in the indicated album, and even built a trail near his home, which is near Lake Tahoe. I think we will be riding Lloyd’s Trail and other Tahoe-area trails at the 2004 MUni Weekend. Go to my MUni Photo Albums page and click on Lloyd’s Toys:

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