Consistency [Flat]

That was my fridayride it took me 25min to film these clips.

Hope you enjoy


nice vid!!
the tricks are so clean!!

awesome vid!!
very cool combo’s!! I love the one @1.15 and the others :stuck_out_tongue:
really good vid ^^
and such a nice weather… :o In Belgium in rains A LOT :frowning:

Dude, I love you.

Your style is awesome, and your editing is getting sick. Looks like you’re close to those 360backrollflips :stuck_out_tongue: Pat landed them a couple weeks ago :roll_eyes:

edit: OMG, two-handed tripleflip :astonished: XD

awesome vid nice music,style and tricks :wink:

very awesome video.


thanks, i’ve already landed backrollflip 360. But when i wanted to film this combo i only had one try wich is in the vid after that one the space of my camera was full and the sun had nearly gone
Pat is so sick :wink:

great skills and editing, Ludwig !!

love your stlye, and the double hand tripleflip :roll_eyes:


I liked it. You style is clean but I didn’t like the editing on the colors.

thanks its matter of taste. i did it because it kinda looked boring without it

haha. yeah i like it too, but i think you should be carefull with coulers :smiley:

i thought the same but after editing i’ll let you check the colours xD

good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Ludwig Ludwig very nice!!!