[Considering selling] Nimbus Trials

Hi, I just bought a new KH 20 inch trials, and im considering selling my old Nimbus 20 Inch Trials. I don’t have a set price, but i’ll consider offers that are made. I upgraded the cranks, so they’re nicer than the orginal ones.

More info please? Also, I assume you’re talking about this? Also, info on its condition cosmetically, even pictures would be good.

Umm, I’ve only had the unicycle for about 3 months, and i only ride on weekends, so its in EXCELLENT CONDITION I’ll be putting pics up soon, but it’ll probably be next week, since I just ordered the upgraded cranks. What price were you thinking?

I am very very interested!!!
are you from the uk?
please add me to msn on t-mag_rider@hotmail.co.uk
and i have a lot of cash!!!:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
thanks alot

ummm, i live in California of the USA. im thinking around 150$ american+ the price of shipping so tell me what you think about that.

heres the picture, and if it doesnt work go to http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?pic=11/33218594033.jpg&s=x11

its at http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=11/33218594033.jpg&s=x11

those cranks look perfectly straight.

where in cali do you live?

umm, i dont feel comfortable stating that. Why do you need to know. By the way, the new cranks arent on in the picture since i haven’t installed them yet.

well i live in cali and need someone to ride with, are you in northern california or southern?

I live in NORCAL. where do you live. also anyone looking for the nimbus, i think 130 american $ is more resonable

Are the cranks steel?

the cranks i ordered arent, but i have steel ones.

if you come up with a better price than that i might consider… i can have a brand new one shipped to my door for 220.00$ CAN!!!