[Considering Sale] Custom Street Uni Koxx/Summit

I really dont want to sell this, but i want some new bcs bad, and it might be worth my time selling this…


Odyssey Seven K-a Quad-wall BMX rim (very very strong)
DT spokes
Redline Freaky-x tire (not the best, i needed a tire fast and bought the only one the shop had)
Summit Frame, I striped the paint of for looks.
Koxx-One HUb with 110mm cranks, really fast and great for jumping stairs and such
Snafu Pedals with grindplates(slides like butter)
Kh alu post (i can put on the original summit post wich is steel if you like)
Kh seat with cut out handle

heres some pics…

Heres the super SUPER sexy cranks

street uni 006.jpg

street uni 004.jpg

Oh yeah, im asking around the $500 range…i dunno…

nevermind. pointless post


i might buy the koxx for say, 100, pm me

the hub and cranks is what i mean

Im not taking it apart and selling parts, its the whole thing forsale.

500!? dude I put 200$ more and I get a bedford hardcore … good luck with 500$…(my point of view) :stuck_out_tongue:

This thing owns any bedford uni.

I woudnt think so… your tire isnt the best to me… i like a knobby tire…the profile crnaks/hub might e heavyer then your koxx but they dont have the life warenty on them… the only thing i like better bout ur uni is he frame

To you…I love the skinny tire, it alows for really fast movments where a trials tire is slow to respond.The cranks are 110mm and will allow you to go really fast at a stair case or a ledge or a handrail… also the tiny cranks are less likly to bend. They are aluimnum so they are killer light.

I will reply here, as it appears your online. I am thinking of purchasing this lovely “not Bedford Uni” could you pm me and tell me where you might be located so that I can think about modes of transportation. Thanks

says he with the 24" BC


With the 1.75 tire:p

i rode that thing at CMW. it was cool. and the cranks ARE sexy. do they still make those cranks?

Yep they make them.

You ordered them from unicycle UK right?