considering muni


Slowly but surely I’m considering buying a muni and I’d like to get some advice from you, guys.
I know I won’t be doing big drops/hops.
So how much more durable is new qu-ax red isis hub in comparison to regular square-tapered hub?
In this context which is better choice: koxx forrest or qu-ax cross with a new red isis hub?


90% of everyone on here will tell you to buy a KH and they won’t even let you consider anything else. But I have a Qu-Ax MUni, and it’s a beast. I love it. It won’t let you down until you get very good. At which point, I’m sure they’ll be much better MUnis available for cheaper.

I had a question, though, what’s up with the isis thing? I don’t really know what it is, other than a specific type of spline design. And I was wondering, is qu-ax making a new hub, or does it just have isis cranks? And if it’s red, doesn’t that mean that it’s not splined? Just curious.

i think, emphasis on the THINK, that the red hub is ISIS splined, however it’s the weaker type of splined (the lighter type), meaning that it’s marginally better than a standard square taper.

the yellow one is better.

don’t take my word for it, but that’s what i think it is.

well it is worse than other splined hubs but it is still a lot better than a square tapper. and yes the yellow one is a lot better.

Yeah, right, I know KHs are good, but they are pricey as well and that’s why I emphasized I won’t be doing big jumps/drops and I won’t be rolling down the Mt. Everest :roll_eyes: so maybe something cheaper is worth recommending in this case? I think 50cm is probably the maximum drop height to be endured, and probably much less, because I even can’t hop yet and 50cm is beyond my perception :wink:

The only thing I know is that they started installing this hub in newest profi and cross models. And yes it’s isis with splined cranks but hub is weaker (but how much?) than the regular splined one (yellow).

Does anybody have this thing? Is it a good idea for a non-high-hopper? :wink:

This is what you need.

Looks nice, unfortunately shipping this overseas would make the whole deal insensible – no european dealer has torkers :frowning:

Oops sorry…I didnt see your location…

No one knows the answer to your question because they haven’t tried it yet.

Email the people at and ask, because they’re the most likely people to have actually tried it.

It’s a splined hub, with ISIS cranks, which is a standard, which means you should be able to swap the cranks with other ISIS cranks (either the Koxx ISIS cranks, or long bike cranks).

It’s obviously designed more towards the light weight end of muni riding than the great big heavy splined hubs.