considering a new unicycle....

i am currently riding on a 20" “cyclepro” unicycle that i have been riding on for about 2 years. after stripping yet another crank from pedal stalls, i have finally decided to move on and buy a new unicycle to fit my needs.

the problem is i am only willing to spend about 100-150 on a new one. i am getting into freestyle tricks and some mild trials tricks-but i would like to start grinding.

i am considering the TORKER for 100 dollars on
a few of my friends have it and it seems to be holding up

is this the right unicycle to buy?
would a nimbus be better?
what is the difference between trials and freestyle unicycles?

HELP! :astonished:

trials unicycles are used for trials, which is jumping from one thing to another, riding on rails, street riding, and mountain riding if your little.

a freestyle unicycle is for light, freestyle riding.

a trials unicycle would be better suited for grinds, stair jumps, and “hardcore” stuff than a freestyle unicycle because it is splined.

trials unicycles also have 19" rims and 2.5" wide tires which is better for jumps and hops because you can run a lower tire pressure than a 20" skinny tire on freestyle unicycles.

I hope this helps,

also, the difference between splines and cottorless, is splines have a lot of little ridges on the cranks and hubs (like little zig zags), and cottorless hase only 4 (cottorless is also called square taper because it is square). the lx is cottorless. splined is good because the cranks are much less prone to slip off or wiggle.

I suggest getting a torker dx $214 from ebay, with about $30 shipping).

if you really can’t afford it though, the torker lx is still okay, but it would be much more prone to breaking( cranks bending, stripping, breaking, coming loose, axle twisting ect, then the splined dx.

not much else i can add at this point.
I myself am in the process of upgrading from my dx, but what i can say is that it is an awesome first trials machine, and it will hold up to a hell of a lot.

if you can stand it you could never upgrade again :stuck_out_tongue:

I added some stuff, so yeah…

save up, get the DX.

Get the DX.

get it.

dont argue, just get it.

basically :stuck_out_tongue: