Conquered M.O.P.E.!!! Oh man So Pumped!!

Tonight I went out for a great ride…Probly the best one since i learned to freemount!

I was determined to make progress some where in my trials trianing and man did i ever!

I was just kinda cruisin around doin my normalwarm up trialsy stuff and i decided it was go time. I walked over to a particular drop that has been givin me problems since day 1. I call it M.O.P.E.(My Own Personal Everest). Its about a 2ft drop(I kno not much to you guys) to flat concrete. I ahd to Mount on about a 4x2ft square which for me was precaruious enough. But then i had to steady myslef with a few correctional hops(which also scared the crap outta me).

So here i am balanced atop thsi little square with a few hops to keep me steady. Im runnign through my head all of the things you guys told me to do in my “How do you get the b*lls” thread, “Just do it”, “Look before you leap”, " If you break something who cares"…And so on. I was also thinking to myself, “well if i bail, Im goin down.If i land it im goin down with pride!”

It was like i could each and everyone of you guys cheering me on in my head. So i went for it, the world seemed to move in slow-mo for that 2 seconds of hang-time then “UHG!” I heard myslef say as i hit the ground. i rolled out and yelled my head off. I was so excited…I did it like 5 more times before i came in and wrote this.

So thats my M.O.P.E. story…i dont think i could have done it without you guys.


p.s. Sorry for such a long post about this but im still really excited:D!!

wooooooooooo hooooooooooooo thts awesome!!! good job! high five. u should pat yourself on the back, thats a big step in trials riding

Great job man! Now to keep stepping it up =p

I already have tommorows challenge laid out…Its a 3 foot hight loading dock behind my building.:smiley:

One of my MOPEs where bleachers, jump up the first step, jump up another, then the other, until I was at the top, then jump from the top seat, all the way down, I think it was a 6 foot drop, but it was one of my goals I did all not too long ago. =p

Man, 6 feet…I can barely imagine that right now…but soon enough. I want to be doing around 4feet consistantly by summer holidays. Plus i need to increase my hop hieght alot…Its only abotu 1 foot on a good day.

Keep practicing, you’ll have it sooner than you think =p

Specially if you get some good uni friends with ya to push you, and you can push them to do better, that’s always a great way to try stuff. Even better, if you don’t have any uni friends around you, then you get the chance to teach someone and watch them “grow-up” witch IMO is very kool and satisfying.

Well the only other avid unicyclist i kno thats even remotely in my area is Brian Mackenzie…and hes ussually quite a busy guy…maybe ill try to get a club going and convert some normies

Good job, but why are you aspiring to do bigger drops? When I come upon a 3’ drop to flat concrete on a trials ride, I dismount and walk or i go around it. There’s no reason to damage your body or unicycle for this.

Instead, why no aspire to jump UP this drop (or at elast crankgrab it)? Yeah, it’s probably ~6 months off, but you’ll do a heckuva lot less damage to yourself and unicycle, improve considerably more as a rider, and be a lot more impressive.

Don’t increase your drop height faster than your skill level. If you need to climb up onto the object and mount, then your probably aren’t ready for it.

To be fair, I’ve been riding trials for 4 years, and only done one 4’ drop to flat. That was one too many, too. You’ll find that being able to do 4’ drops to flat sounds like it’s a lot more satisfying than it actually is.

Well for now atleast im really proud of myslef because not only did i conquer my fear of that one drop but it has opened the doors to many smaller drops that i never even thought of doing but now can.

What yous saying makes alot of sense though…I think you’re right…ill work on my hop hieght till I can get up to the top before i drop it.

nicely done when I did my first 2ft drop like that I was soiling my myself at the thought (im replacing swears w/ proper words) when I did it I felt so good

This optimistic thread I must find.

Congratulations to your drop, we all know the feeling :smiley: